Friday, August 30, 2019


Prayer requests?
Good news to celebrate?


  1. For our travels...

    My daughter passed an important exam (and her sone was 6 weeks old on the day she took it).

    Best greetings!

  2. A prayer for my best friend's husband, please?
    He is having a cancer operation on Wednesday.
    Oh thank you so, so much!:))

    Have a Lovely Weekend.

    Hugs xxx

  3. A prayer for our world, our country and Britain would be helpful now! As for good news, Rick is off his blood thinners and can ride full tilt now!

  4. Prayers for those in the path of Dorian!
    Well, today is my birthday. :)

  5. Prayers please for my friend who lives in Florida
    My daughter was made director of a new program at the University. 😊

  6. My Praise is that we finally sold our house!!!!

  7. Pray for my mental health~
    God Bless you

  8. Pray for a safe happy long weekend.

  9. Prayers for those in the path of Dorian.

    Prayers for the people and animals caught in the wild fires in Brazil. Prayers for all the species that may be lost as a result of this horrendous act.

    Prayers for the children of immigrants who may have just been given a death sentence because they have been evicted from the US due to their need of various life saving treatments that can only be found in the states.

    Thanks for this. I need to stop by far more often, dear.

  10. Prayers for salvation for those who are lost.

  11. I agree in prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Dorian. For the readers of this blog who may be affected by the hurricane please be safe!


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