Thursday, August 22, 2019


Two Bloggers you visit every day?
Last two countries you visited?
Last two acts of kindness?
Two favorite authors?
Two favorite actors?


  1. hmmm...sad to admit I'm more into Instagram these days
    Canada and Spain
    held a door; donated clothes
    Jane Austen and Stephen King
    Margot Robbie and Leonardo diCaprio

    Fun one!


  2. Poppy and Julie..In New Zealand..
    My home in Sicily..
    1)Sent money to children's charity..
    2)Sent money to an animal charity..
    Mario Puzo..Heather Chamberlain..
    Marlon Brando..Robert de Nero..

  3. This one and another one.
    Croatia and Morocco a long time ago.
    Response and visiting.
    Denver Moore and Ron Hall.
    Chris Pine...and Chris Pine.

  4. This one & I'm Having a Thought
    Sadly, I've never been out of the US
    Held elevator open for lady on phone & does babysitting the grands, count?
    Diana Gabaldon & Sue Grafton
    Tom Hanks

  5. :)
    Nice pictures. However, written in Polish

    Denmark nad Germany.

    Received? Kind words from my husband and children. I feel loved!!

    Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis / J.R.R.Tolkien :)

    no idea about the actors...

  6. two favorites authors:
    Stephen king.
    Jk Rowling

  7. So many answers to all those questions! Who can pick just two? Good to have choices. :-)

  8. Two blogs: It's all about Purple and the Mad Snapper.
    Last two countries, Belize and Panama
    Kindness: visit friend and prayers and well wishes for my friend's daughter
    Authors: Louise Penny & Lisa Gardner

    Wishing you a happy day and weekend ahead!

  9. Julia from Gal Meets Glam and Blaire from Atlantic Pacific
    Denmark and Portugal
    Paid my cousin's meal and complimented a friend
    lately it's been Renee Rose
    Don't have a favorite

  10. Perth Daily and Highriser
    Portugal and Hungary
    Took some lemons to a neighbour with the flu and smiled at strangers
    Liane Moriarty and Sveva Modignani
    Robert de Niro and Tom Hanks

  11. Garance Dore & Who What Wear
    Curacao & Canada
    Opened the door for a neighbor, complimented my cashier at Whole Foods
    David Sedaris & Jane Austen
    Takeshi Kaneshiro

  12. Finland and Prague
    Alain Delon
    Alice Frendlich

  13. The Butterfly Reader and Somewhere in Ireland.
    I've never been out of the United States.
    I saved a injured bird, gave food and water to a wild rat.
    Diana Palmer, Christine Feehan.
    Ian Somerhalder and Mark Sheppard.

  14. Viewing Nature With Eileen/Connie's Crafty Creations
    have not been out of the country
    bought flowers for my mom & brought my mother-in-law to see her sister in a nursing home
    i don't read and i don't think i have any favorite actors!!

  15. *YOU and Laurel Wood
    *made breakfast for all the family, sent wedding pics to all the family.
    *Maya Angelou
    *Jane Seymour, Tom Hanks

  16. -I'm not sure what blogs I visit every day. I visit a lot of them, hard to pick just two.
    -I've only been to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last few years
    - two acts of kindness: helped a friend babysit and bought someone a present for no reason
    - Favourite writers is a difficult question... I will answer with the two writers I read last: R.A. Heinlein and Frank Herbert
    -Favourite actors: right now I like Javier and Penelope Cruz

  17. Slug Mama, Dime at a time
    baby sat neighbor kids,took a meal into friend
    Jane Austin, J.K Rowling
    Glen Close,Carol Burnett

  18. Gone to the Beach and you
    Picked up dropped groceries for a boy and set my husbands breakfast dishes out
    Gladys Taber and Norman Maclean
    George Clooney and Kevin Costner

  19. and
    Germany and the Bahamas
    Giving up a seat close to a door so a woman with her walker had easy access to her walker, holding a door for an Elder
    J. R. R. Tolkien, Diana Gabaldon
    Richard Widmark, Robert Redford

  20. 1
    2 Down the road and the street after that
    3 I saw a poor man with a loaf of bread. I took half of it and gave it to another poor man.
    4 Me @
    5 No one.

  21. -La pinturera and miss potingues
    -Italy and Portugal
    -A kid helping another in a park // A colleague that rescue a little dog from a garbage container a care him from then.
    -Agatha Christie // Cristina Morató
    -Audrey hepburn // Gene Kelly

  22. Martine Alison and Chris Lally
    Canada and Germany (a long time ago)
    Adopted a rescue dog and anonymously left a book for someone who needed cheering up
    Louise Penny and Elizabeth Berg (difficult to choose only 2)
    Cary Grant and Paul Newman (love a whole bunch more)
    This was fun!

  23. Blogs....Seeking a little Truth and Classics Considered
    Countries (or States, in my case): Arizona and Florida
    Helped a struggling immigrant to retrieve his boarding passes...gave someone money for a treat.
    Isaac Asimov and Wendell Berry
    - Audrey Hepburn and Tom Hanks

  24. There is a lot, Czech Republic and Italy, prayers for smb,Myśliwski and Kraszewski, there is a lot of my favourite actors☺

  25. I have just done a tour visiting 8 countries, I don't have a blogfriend which I visit every day. I am not good in filling in questionaries, sorry !

  26. Two Bloggers you visit every day? Brians home and Anns Snap Edit
    Last two countries you visited? Cozumel and Jamaica
    Last two acts of kindness? let a lady in front of me in checkout cause i had more items / left the quarter in the buggy lock up at Aldis so the next person did not need to pay for a buggy
    Two favorite authors? Janet Daily and JB Robbs
    Two favorite actors? Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

  27. Dearest R's Rue,
    Not one blogger I visit every day...
    Last two countries we visited were Romania and The Netherlands; to see Dad one final time.
    Last two acts of kindness: helping a legally blind person and his Mom with online issues... Finding shoes a dear friend loved on me but she had a size 12.
    Two favorite authors... Hard question as you don't specify book author or what? My most favorite author is my husband Pieter as his publications P.J.C. Vedder - Modern Mushroom Growing (in 8 official languages) has been called the Mushroom Bible. Also love Elisabeth Kübler Ross.
    Two favorite actors: The late Patrick Swayze and Ronald Reagan...
    Sending you hugs,

  28. Blogs: Book-Girl of Mur-y-Castell and Sophia Rose, she posts on Delighted Reader a lot, but I try and catch her other places too.
    France and Canada
    Sent flowers to a sick friend, washed vomit out of my daughter's sheets when her kids were sick. That takes some love there, lol!
    Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews
    Emma Thompson, she's so classy, and Tom Cruise who is kind of a weirdo in real life, but his movies are always fun.

  29. Two Bloggers you visit every day? - I try to visit everyone every post (even if it takes a week or two! Some don't post daily and sometimes I'm not on daily!

    Last two countries you visited? - England and Canada

    Last two acts of kindness? = Chat with a stranger; help friend move some things.

    Two favorite authors? = Jacqueline Winspear, Louise Penny

    Two favorite actors? Meryl Streep, Kenneth Branagh

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