Monday, August 12, 2019


What you read last?
Last thing you gave?
Last thing you created?


  1. TV Magazine...
    My a handshake...

  2. A Louise Penny novel, a complement to my husband, a journal page

  3. just blogs
    money to Nel for Mia's birthday
    it's been awhile since I created, so I thank you for reminding me it's time! : )

  4. NY Magazine
    A dollar to a man on the street
    Egg muffins

  5. Newspaper
    money to my sister
    flowers for a wedding.

  6. The blog on my reading list right before this one.
    Money to Mom's caregiver
    Meals for the coming week

  7. blogs
    food to my little dog Theo!

  8. Crochet pattern for mittens
    A hug to my husband
    A crocheted mitten from the pattern I read in the first question.

  9. A Simple Life magazine
    Gave money to my son
    Hooked a house

  10. I read a text from my youngest
    My husband a home cooked meal
    A better looking garden after weeding

  11. Read Last: A chapter in "Game Change."
    Gave: A map book of London to a friend traveling there soon.
    Created: A feltie Santa Claus

  12. 1. One of Asimov's Robot series novels (the second one)
    2. A framed painting (that I made myself)
    3. A necklace

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