Saturday, November 9, 2019

silent emotion

There's an ache
When people rather
You be silent
Instead of speak your mind
I'm sorry
I'm emotional
That I care
Cardinal sin
Any tips
I need not
To care
So I get along
With those
Who say I'm intolerant
Need a cure
Where's the prescription
We love a label
Republican or Democrat
Designer or dupe
Where reality
Hits the road
Or am I in
The wrong


  1. You are speaking your thoughts.
    This is your right 💮

  2. We do love a label, but really most people just want to live a good life.

  3. Regine,I do not believe not one minute you are in the wrong. Sadly people just don't want to know the truth of what the Bible says about anything that goes against whatever sin they are in. I believe it's the
    Holy Spirit that is guiding you to speak the truth. Those that accuse you of "intolerance" are the ones being intolerant. Just pray for them because they will have to stand before God and it will be too late.
    I admire your tender heart towards people. Keep on speaking truth especially here on your blog. And don't listen to people who will comment that you are wrong!
    Blessings dear sister!

  4. Labels make it easier for others to put us into well marked slots!

  5. So inspiring and powerful like always

  6. The bodily reactions can be measured objectively by pupil dilation, skin conductance, brain activity, heart rate, and facial expressions. Emotional reactions are hard-coded. Emotional reactions are rooted in our genes...
    AND..The six basic emotions are..
    Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, and Surprise..

  7. Everyone is entitled to have their opinions and feelings. :)

  8. We all own our thoughts, whether others like them or not, whether they want to hear them or not. What we choose to share is our choice.

  9. Labels are usually convenient byut not true. Anyway, while asking others not to label we should be very careful not to do that ourselves. This seems to ne the toughest part - to focus on what I do in this respect ;).

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