Saturday, October 17, 2020


 i miss church

in person


every soul


for jesus

and a mornin

full of praise

you made it

another day

i dream

of sunday lunch

with the neighbors

at Red Lobster

cheddar biscuits

and more evangelizing

before that 

became a bad word

we can't discuss

without starting wars

these days

it seems

i should get

off the soapbox

before I start one

lively debate

and banter

an art form

long gone

I'm afraid


  1. Ah, yes, you speak feelings of many ~ divine ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Um belo poema. Parabéns.
    Bom fim de semana.

  3. I know you speak for many people here who still are not able to meet in person in church. Either they are still live streaming only or some churches are open but some people have compromised immune systems and come to church. And it's too bad that sharing the gospel has become a bad thing.
    Regina, keep sharing the Lord. There are still people seeking hope in this crazy world. Jesus is truly our only hope and my heart goes out to those folks out there who refuse to believe He exist. Hugs to you my sister in Christ!❤

    1. Oops! That should have said "can't come to church".

  4. There are so many things we are missing now, eating inside a restaurant with my family is one and I really miss traveling. Take care and stay safe.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Tutti noi abbiamo paura, ma dobbiamo farci forza e pregare il signore ancora più di prima.

  6. I miss in-person church, too. Stupid coronavirus!

  7. A truly beautiful poem.😊😊 I think we need our faiths today more than ever before in the history of mankind.
    As you say, if only people could find it in their hearts to stop fighting with those of a different faith and to live and let live instead...the better life would be!

    Hugs xxx

  8. Truly Sunday isn't what it used to be for many of us. Beautiful poem!

  9. I find that I don't need the personal contact of a church ... faith is strong enough to feel safe and secure in my beliefs at home too

    Your thoughts are of many!!

  10. The mountains are my church but I certainly understand the communing with others and such. I like your post - it felt good to read it. Cheddar bisquits..yum.

  11. I do hope you can get back to church. Soon.

  12. True words. Have a good weekend, stay safe. Hugs, Valerie

  13. So much emotion in your reflection here, Regine. Oh, how I miss church, seeing people and being able to eat out . . .

  14. Such beautiful words. I can relate. Hugging at church was something that I loved so much!


  15. Our church is meeting in person and has been for months. It's wonderful. Hope that changes for you soon.

  16. all the things that you miss and you may miss EVERYTHING.

  17. Yes it's like people are waiting eagerly to get offended.

  18. it's a shame you can't do church in person! We are able to here but we have to register in advance (for contact tracing) and services are smaller.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend! :)

    Away From Blue

  19. looking forward to online youtube mass tomorrow!

  20. I imagine many people are feeling this way right now. All we can do is pray that we'll see normal again soon.

  21. A igreja é um local muito tranquilo onde se respira paz como na poesia!!!
    Bom domingo

  22. How sad that we cannot state (with grace) our reason for our hope, without somebody taking offense at our choice to share the love of God. I too missed physical church while we were in lockdown, and how good it is to be able to fellowship in person again.
    Stay safe

  23. Church is a place to meet and praise God but in this day and age of Covid-19 God understands.
    He still hears our prayers no matter where we are.

    Amen R 🍁🍂

  24. Thank God our churches are still open albeit very limited number of people right now can come in.
    I can't wait for the day when things can go back to normal.

  25. Loved it. The old days seem so far away and today we only live in fear.

  26. Very true.
    Be safe and well.
    This to shall pass.

  27. so true and so applicable to all...

  28. I miss going to Mass too, and especially receiving Communion. Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits are the best! I am craving one now. ; )


  29. I'm missing church and the fellowship of being with brothers and sisters in Christ. Nevertheless I count my blessings and know I'm not alone. The Lord is with us.

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