Monday, October 26, 2020


 My soul

needs respite

like an ocean

waves kissing

my toes

Scooping up sand

God is in

the granules

of my hurt

lost expectation

Trying not

to resent

what I 

can't control


  1. Beautiful!
    Take care, enjoy your week!

  2. LOVE! Hope you are having a good Monday.

  3. Sometimes the things we cannot control are huge aren't they? And overwhelming.
    I hope you and the world finds peace and respite.

  4. Dearest Regine,
    That is a powerful cry for some solace of the pain, endured from life...
    May your soul at least find some respite from these poetic words!

  5. Quanta profundidade no teu sentir! bjs

  6. There is so much in life we can't control, but we can depend on God to be in control of it all.

  7. Good word for this week!! Did you know we are reading this week in the Bible in the Parsha Noah, and Noah means rest!! So `rest` and the word in Mattthew 11:28 where Yeshua tells us come to Me and I will give your rest, have been on my heart and so I share that scripture with you too, I know you are there in His word!! Blessings and His peace be with you!!!

  8. Peace be yours over what you can't control.

  9. I hear your cry Regine, and it is only in God that we find our true comfort. may you know His peace
    Stay safe

  10. I think a lot of our souls need respite these days. I hope we can find it.

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