Wednesday, May 18, 2022


 What is making you smile?

Any wins this week?

What are you reading?

What are you making?

What are you baking?

My poodle

Finding a bathing suit

Asian authors

A victory journal

Nothing at the moment


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  2. #1 a joke my son shared with me
    #2 free stay at a friend's Airbnb
    #3 blogs
    #4 curtains
    #5 nothing at the moment

    Happy Wednesday, R!

  3. What is making you smile? Hubby, as always

    Any wins this week? I woke up every morning

    What are you reading? Burning Bright (A Peter Ash Novel) by Petrie, Nick

    What are you making? plans for a cruise on our boat

    What are you baking? roasted chicken.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  4. Friends make me smile, my good eye exam was a win, I'm reading Autopsy by Patricia Cornwell, and I am making and baking nothing at the moment.

  5. The little girl next door hopping onto the school bus every morning makes me smile.

  6. *seeing my granddaughter on my trip
    *birthday money from my brother
    *no reading
    *no making
    *no baking

    tired from road trip haha.

  7. What is making you smile? My wren is back.
    Any wins this week? Not a one.
    What are you reading? Still reading "The Palace Papers"
    What are you making? Not a thing!
    What are you baking? Not a thing, either!

  8. Hello,

    1. Seeing my grandsons latest photo shoot with their mama.
    2. no wins
    3. I am reading The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz
    4. I am making dinner, steak and baked potato
    5. no baking.

    Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. My grandson
    yes two wedding dresses out of the shop!
    no reading
    I am making a mess as usual
    I just made a large pot of bean soup

  10. Summer like weather
    Added a new workout to my routine
    Nothing at the moment
    Miso cod for dinner
    I'm not much of a baker since I don't eat sugar

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. What is making you smile? Seeing a hummingbird today
    What are you reading? The Thing with Feathers, a book about birds
    What are you making? Thinking about crocheting a flamingo
    What are you baking? Brownies

  12. Smiling at a picture of a lemon cheesecake our Grandson made, it looks delicious :)

    All the best Jan

  13. Smile: My sick granddaughter stayed home from school today and has FaceTimed me about a dozen times since morning.
    Reading: Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone
    Making: Nothing, just routine doing
    Baking: Not a dang thing because it is officially too hot now.

  14. What is making you smile? Blog comments

    Any wins this week? Job interview today

    What are you reading? Love Finds You in Bethlehem, New Hampshire

    What are you making? Chicken Tacos

    What are you baking? Nothing

  15. Making me smile: like you my animal (cat) which is more like my child being I love him so much!

    Wins? I finished 3 days of hell at work. I'm done for this week! You found a good bathing suit? That's so hard to do so yay for you!

    Making? Nothing. Traveling back and forth from SoCal to NorCal makes it really hard to cook at home. 3 more weeks of this schedule!

    Baking? Also nothing.

  16. What is making you smile? This blog!
    Any wins this week? My new eyeglasses came in, the prescription update was long were the replacement frames.
    What are you reading? No Gods No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull
    What are you making? A mural in my parents backyard.
    What are you baking? Nothing. I'm not much of a culinary artist.

    This is an excellent blog!

  17. Smiling - because we have some much needed rain
    Wins - answers to prayer
    Reading - only my Bible at the moment
    Making - knitting strips for a blanket
    Baking - nothing :)

  18. making me smile = the pool
    wins this week = swimming every day
    reading = 2WW police novel
    making = crochet pumpkin
    baking = too hot to bake!

  19. Love your posts!
    Sunshine for the past couple days is making me smile!
    Walks without rain are this week's wins
    I am reading The Widow Washington this week for book club in June, but much preferred this month's choice, The Storyteller's Secret.
    I am working on some socks and just made Blueberry Buckle with some fresh blueberries yesterday.

    What are you making?

    What are you bakin

  20. Making me smile: the antics of Calli and Quill
    Any wins this week:
    What are you reading: my notes on bookbinding

    1. I pushed publish too soon 😸

      I'm binding 20 single pages into a Coptic stitch book
      Temps going up into the 90s. No baking this week.
      Wins this week: Great weather