Friday, January 20, 2023


 What is on your heart?

Last thing you cooked?

Last person who made you happy?

Last thing you bought?

Last person you prayed for?  If you don’t want to answer that’s okay. 


  1. On my heart: internet pals :)
    Cooked: salmon
    Person: my co-worker Jenna
    Bought: Starbucks cappuccino
    Prayed for: my friend Denise

    Happy weekend, darling!


  2. Our home remodel.
    Taco soup.
    Air purifier.

    Have a blessed day and weekend, Regine. ♥

  3. A friend with a health problem is on my heart. Toast is the last thing I cooked. My oldest son was early with the laughter in the family chat. The last thing I bought onion rings. The last prayer was for my third son who is in the military and always has me worried.

  4. *spending the day in the next town over soon.
    *baked chicken, sweet potatoes.
    *furry socks.
    *prayers for many

    Have a peaceful weekend, dear friend.

  5. Chinese New Year
    A friend I talked to this morning
    A face serum
    My friend J and her husband

    <3 to you dear Regine!

  6. The welfare of my family.
    Chocolate chip cookies.
    A sub from Publix.

  7. Worries about certain aspects of my job are on my heart. Last thing I made was roast beef with vegetables.
    The last person who made me happy is a coach at work.
    The last thing I bought was groceries.


  8. My heart is excited, last thing I cooked was meatloaf, my hubby makes me happy, last thing I bought was gas. And you?

  9. The need for good health (had a blood test today for a doctor's appt. scheduled for next week)
    Some ham slices
    My gardener who gifted me some garlic, some lemons, and a cutting from a plant to try in the garden
    Last thing I "bought" was time to park my car at the clinic - $1 for 20 minutes! Before that, groceries!
    Prayed for my daughter and myself, for family and friends.

  10. What is on your heart? right now, that I am so tired.

    Last thing you cooked? Mac and cheese

    Last person who made you happy? daughter

    Last thing you bought? book

    Last person you prayed for? If you don’t want to answer that’s okay. Can't remember

  11. What is on your heart? At the moment- blogging.

    Last thing you cooked? a classical egg omelette made on rice paper

    Last person who made you happy? my husband

    Last thing you bought? socks (today)

    Last person you prayed for? Not sure.

  12. What's on my heart. My grandson in the military. I always worry about him.
    Last thing I cooked...some chicken for a sandwich
    Last person who made you happy.. My hubby
    Last thing you bought... A book
    Last person you prayed for.. A friend who recently lost her husband.

  13. 1 - a new follower of Christ, who needs prayer support
    2 - a pork roast
    3 - a friend who is recovering from injury and was well enough to attend church this morning
    4 - a coffee
    5 - - the above new Christ follower

  14. 1. Friends of ours asking for healing prayers. Do not know what happened, but it sounds serious.
    2. A carrot oatmeal breakfast bake
    3. My husband. He cooked breakfast this morning.
    4. Grocery trip, household supply shopping trip last Saturday.
    5. See #1 - wife is Hope and husband is Steve, she is asking for prayers and a miracle for Steve

  15. 1. Starting a new book- The FOXGLOVE KING
    2. Umm do peanut butter with butter sandwiches count?
    3. My son
    4. Two books few weeks ago
    5. Not available