Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 What is on your heart?

What is making you smile?

What are you making?

Last thing you bought?

Last book you read?


  1. On my heart__ A couple of relatives who are ill
    Making me smile__Coffee in the early morning
    Making__Nothing other than coffee, but the day is young
    Last purchase__pine straw
    Last book__How Happiness Happens

  2. My sons
    My sons
    A peanut butter blueberry pancake
    A forest green hoodie

  3. I biught a new frying pan and skillet, replacing old ones

  4. On my heart: my client Gillian's pitbulls, celebrating 2 month rescue anniversary today!
    Making me smile: my kitty
    Making: eggs
    Bought: running socks (exciting, lol)
    Read: Vogue

    Fun one, darling!


  5. What is on your heart? World peace.

    What is making you smile? Hubby.

    What are you making? Nothing.

    Last thing you bought? Veggie steamer bags.

    Last book you read? Desperation in Death by J. D. Robb.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  6. *plans to see family this Spring.
    *pork roast turned out delicious last night.
    *nothing right now, but making a Valentine table soon.
    *Valentines for grandkids.
    *news on the internet

    Have a good rest of the week, Regine. : )

  7. I had a visit to the dentist today and it's the only thing on my mind till now. ;p

  8. Family. The cute kids in my reading groups. Making lasagna. Groceries. And just finished reading A Very Merry Bromance. :D

  9. What is on your heart? Concern
    What is making you smile? Lizzie, as always!
    What are you making? Dinner in about a half hour!
    Last thing you bought? Groceries (though I have an amazon list I haven't sent in yet!)
    Last book you read? Currently reading "Murder at Monk's Barn," a 30s or 40s mystery.

  10. My doctor appointment is on my heart. Funnies are making me smiling. I am not making anything at the moment. I think the last thing I bought was a veggie chopper.

  11. Finding peace
    My grandchildren
    Homemade beef barley soup
    Birthday gifts for twin grandsons
    Memoir - 'Falling in Honey'

  12. That's a very interesting variety of answers!

  13. Heart - Friend Bettye
    Smile - Ken
    Making - Knitting afghan and weave-it baby blanket
    Bought - Food at Shop and Save
    Read - Beartown by Fredrik Backman

  14. So much-kitties-dinner-foodshopping-One Of Us is Dead by Jeneva Rose

  15. What is on your heart? - my coworkers

    What is making you smile? - my cats

    What are you making? - tweaking blog widgets with coding

    Last thing you bought? - Taco Bell

    Last book you read? - currently reading: "The Tangled Red Thread" by Elle Cuardaigh

  16. On my heart - fellow church members whose circumstances are changing
    Making me smile - my cat on my bed and the tomatoes (finally) ripening
    Making - does working on my sermon count?
    Last purchase - a coffee
    Last book - Blessings or Curse by Derek Prince

  17. What is making you smile? Florida sunshine since it’s snowing back home in Indiana

    What are you making? Engraved spoons for my business

    Last thing you bought? Clothes from a thrift store

    Last book you read? Two By Two, Nicholas Sparks

  18. making - a chocolate cake with chantilly cream and reading a bio of Brett Whitely.