Saturday, November 11, 2023



I feel like these letters are a daily occurrence. You are using my flaws to increase my dependence on You. You don’t want me to satisfy my flesh with worldly desires. You want all of me, all the time. Yesterday, I had a therapy session. I believe therapy is working for me because I’m willing to receive tough love. I’m able to receive constructive criticism. I’m willing and able. In the past, I was too combative. Therapy only works when I’m an active participant in my own healing. Doubt and worry still ravage my soul, but not as often so I will take the victory. Let my soul take comfort in not having all the answers. Right now, I’m searching my heart to cleanse it. Make it worthy of who You are. 

Let my life

Be a representation

That brokenness

Can be made whole

When truth

And authenticity 



  1. It seems you are on a good way.

  2. Keep up the hard work, Regine! And have a good weekend. :D

  3. Love those last words, my friend. Have a restful and peaceful Sunday.


  4. Love your words today Regine - God does want all of us, and makes the broken beautiful as we acquiesce to His will.