Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Eau’s reward

 In the heat

The in the depths

Of the barren land

Of my soul

You are the oasis

No mirage

The truth

Ready to quench

The longing of

The deepest thirst

I never knew 

I had

Came to the eye

Like the strongest gale

And sweetest eau

What you will give

If I only ask

I had to be asked

If I ever petitioned

The Father

For what 

I shared 

With her

I said no

I was instructed

To ask

And watch

As God delivered

With more accuracy

Than the UPS man

When you don’t know

Ask and receive

Let Him fulfill

The promise 

On the inside of you

Then let

The rewards

Of His goodness

Be yours 

To savor


My inheritance

Grace my gift


The reward

For my obedience