Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Five Q's

Good afternoon, friends!
Here are five questions for you?

1.  Name
2.  Favorite color
3.  Nail polish
4.  Food
5.  Place you've visited

Here are my answers:

1.  Regine
2.  Green
3.  Essie limo-scene
4.  Key-lime pie
5.  Venice, Italy

Can't wait to see your answers!

*Modeled after popular posts for Reader Appreciation Day!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my chicken spaghetti.
    Ok... here are my answers:
    1. Beka
    2. Yellow
    3. French on my fingers, gray (winter) or coral (summer) on my toes
    4. I'm 33 weeks pregnant, so literally anything.
    5. Egypt, Alaska, Germany, lots of the states

  2. 1. Tiffany
    2. Yellow (pink is a VERY close second)
    3. hmmm.... OPI, I'm not really a waitress
    4. Pizza!!!
    5. Costa Rica

  3. 1. Teresa
    2. Purple (I also like orange and green)
    3. O.P.I and Butter (different colors)
    4. I like all kinds of food, hard to narrow it down.
    5. Acapulco

  4. 1. Caterina
    2. Coral
    3. BRIGHT!
    4. Sushi
    5. Jordan

  5. 1. Svenja
    2. pink
    3. Butter London, ANNY, Chanel -- many colors
    4. everything with cheese
    5. Salzburg

  6. Hi Regine! :) thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    here are my answers :)

    1. Name: Francesca
    2. Favorite color: Blue
    3. Nail polish: Orly's kiss the bride
    4. Food: Sushi!
    5. Place you've visited: Hong Kong

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