Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not alone

Today has been a good day.  Nothing beats a good worship service!  Nothing beats being able to talk to someone, and being able to confide in them.  The building can't be worshiped as the preacher mentioned today, but it is a place to share your heart will fellow believers.  I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement as I face my impediments and reality in the face.  When I write this blog, I realize I must be truthful.  My job with these words is to please God, and hope He is pleased with me.  I hope to bring hope and a smile once in a while.
Thanks in part to your encouragement, I am starting to see life in a new light again.  I have a bounce in my step again.
Thank you again, friends!


  1. Thanks for your visit, hope you have a great start to the week!

  2. Touching message :)

  3. truer words have never been spoken.. a good service makes me feel so re-energized and ready for the week ahead :)

  4. thank you!


  5. Missed you yesterday friend! Sunday school wasn't the same! :( I've been reading lots of your posts tonight and am encouraged. Thank you for your honesty, wisdom and positive attitude! Have an incredible week with the Lord! Hugs, Rachel

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