Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday hope

I went to church today, and the sermon hit me squarely between the eyes.  It was being a Christian steward.  The part about your talents being a part of your stewardship struck me.  Some days I wonder if I have talent, or if I am using my talent properly.  I am no Novak Djokovic, Grand Slam champion; I am no doctor saving lives. I am just an ordinary girl with a blog, hoping to make Him proud.  Maybe I make a difference.  I would like to think that I do that.  I am a girl with CP, hoping to not merely exist.  I fall short every day.  I have more fears and unnecessary worry than I can quantify.  All I can hope is that I do a job worthy of the King's pleasing.
Tearing up writing this.  Acceptance is a tough pill to swallow.
Have a blessed afternoon!


  1. I think your words are working as a vessel, spreading your talents. I'm no athlete or doctor either - I'm comforted by your words and inspired to continue living each day as best as I can. As an 'ordinary girl' ;) Thank you for your courage, and for sharing your thoughts - it's infectious!!

  2. This is a beautiful post. You certainly touched my heart with it, and I am sure you have touched others through your blog. Keep up the great work! :)

  3. This post is so sweet! I agree with Jessica, it def. touched my heart and it will touch others as well!

    I Follow you now by the way!
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  4. With God's help, we can do everythinh:)

  5. I sure can relate to this post, I often feel the same way. Thank you for sharing so honestly. You are a wonderful blessing.

  6. Without you knowing it, you are already carrying God's work through your blog. God Bless.

  7. Good Monday morning Regine!
    TY so much for your recent visit and comment:)
    I can relate to your post. I think we tend to see talents the way the world sees them (great singing voice, etc). Though you (and I) may not have huge talents from the world's point of view, you have exactly the talents God wants you to have and use for His glory! I see you doing this here on your blog and I am pretty sure you do that in your daily life too.