Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reality Thursday

I am going to hate writing this.  I read a passage today reminding me of some of the Ten Commandments.  Do not murder, do no steal, do not covet.  It seems like I have been doing a lot of coveting of records, things, and so much more.  If a record is broken or an achievement is made, I need to be happy for them in word and deed.  We don't like to the fault and flaws in our own lives.  I have been more sinful than I care to admit.  My achievements will come I have to believe.  A commenter on the blog wrote something that I keep rereading.  When she goes to a funeral she said, 'they mention the accomplishment, but for the most part they remember who the person was.'
At the end of the day, my achievements may be a mile long or wide, but the only thing people will mostly likely remember is who I was, not what I achieved.
Dear readers, Thank you for getting me out of me, if only for a day.  Today my heart is open and free.
You have made this blogger a very grateful girl.

Romans 13:9-10
Song pick of the day-"Real" by Plumb


  1. Very uplifting post, darling!


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