Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's in a number?

I have been dreading this post.  It seems like lately I equate importance with a number.  I know it's sad.  Be it a sports record being broken with X number of majors won, number of page views, the list could go on.  It sounds trivial and stupid, and it is.  I wish it weren't so.  I am having to ask God to help me see life, not as a number to be achieved.  I don't think God will ask me:  How many Majors did I win?  No, I think He wants to know, how many people I may have helped bring into His Kingdom.  So while this post marks a monumental marker in terms of number, I just hope to be making Him proud, not because of the number, but because of what these posts mean.
Thank you for continuing to join with me on this journey we call life!


  1. I agree with you and follow you

  2. I get it!! I used to focus on my blog follower numbers, number of people who read my posts, etc. UUUUGGGG!!! It was so maddening, to say the least. Like you, I remembered that my life is for God. He will lead those He wants to my blog. It is all for Him!!
    Have a great day!!