Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who am I?

I am dreading this post, for it forces me to be real, expose the blemishes.  This weekend, I realized that life really doesn't work perfectly.  My stroke and subsequent Cerebral Palsy force me to do something I absolutely need to do more often.  Ask for help!  I wish I could be totally self-sufficient, but that's not plausible at the moment.  I cannot drive.  I cannot read a map.  No depth perception and an inability to sequence make both a near impossibility.  I can speak foreign languages, yet cannot follow GPS most of the time.  To feel so smart, and yet so dumb at the same time.  It's embarrassing to admit this.  I need help, and I am ashamed that I need it.
I hate being a burden, maybe one day I will eradicate that word from my vocabulary, but that dear friends will require some help.
Could I ask you for your help, today?
Help me look at the glass half-full, and get rid of that word, burden!
Thank you,


  1. Wow, what a big post for me to happen upon the first time reading your blog. First of all, I am proud of you for being so candid. Secondly, I agree with dropping the word burden. What do you contribute? What are the other parts of who you are? For example, you speak multiple foreign languages? I am jealous!

    I can only imagine though how hard the asking for help part is. You must be a strong person in order to ask for the help when you need it.

    Finally, off-topic, but have you ever tried therapeutic horseback riding? It is amazing for people with CP.

  2. It takes a lot of courage to write -straight from the heart as you do. And I would have to agree - it really is hard to ask for help. But I know that God loves you so very much and He will provide for the needs that you have and sometimes that will be by providing the people around you that are able to help. Remember that the person that is helping can really get a blessing as well - by helping. You are an inspiration to many. Keep it up, Lisa :O)

  3. I know it can be hard at times but have faith and stay positive honey. You overcoming your difficulties to achieve things in life is hard work and you should reward yourself ;). I believe you were gifted in other areas such as speaking foreign languages, xoxo.

  4. Beautiful written post dear! Thx for the nice comment:) I just followed you on gfc and g+, kisses chris

  5. Inspiring post! Thank you for checking out my blog and your sweet comment.

    xx Elizabeth
    Champaign Taste

  6. It must take so much strength to write about something like this publicly. It takes even more strength to ask for help. You are definitely an inspiration with your positive attitude :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  7. Thank you for visiting me today! Glad you thought my Valentine decorating was beautiful-I enjoyed using my treasured pieces-I hope that you take care of yourself and know that the people in your life want to give their time to you!

  8. Aw thanks for sharing your thoughts. Just keep looking for the goodness in everything and you'll be able to wake up seeing the glass half full. :)

    And being connected like this makes things more meaningful because we know that there is always someone out there caring for you!

    xx pauline

  9. Through your comment on a rustic heart on my blog I stumble here and what do I find = a true heart
    God has many ways to stir us up...
    I have been feeling quite lonely of late and discouraged and disappointed and all the dis... of life and measuring my fears...

    You are NOT dumb and you are NOT a burden and I am so thankful that I meet you today and looking forward to read more of your writings, the spills of your heart!

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