Thursday, November 14, 2013

A reason

My friend Delvalina commented on my brutal honesty post that gave me pause.  "Everything happens   For a reason, even if we happen to know not the reason". Would I like to know the reason?  Sure I would.  It would be a lie if I answered any differently.  For somebody who wants concrete answers, right now is very difficult, because I don't have what I want.  Right now, if feels like God wants me to be married to him, before I can marry the man of my illustrious dreams.  God wants me to know it's not about me and my dreams.  The Trevor Morgan song:  "Fall Down" I am listening to right now as I type is speaking to this sentiment right now.  Philippians 2:1-11, my Bible verse of the day speaks to this as well.  Starting in verse 5 where it starts to detail how Jesus came as a man who would be obedient to death on a cross!"  I will not lie, when I saw the exclamation point, I thought at once, what's the big deal, why the need for the !.  Then I thought about the crown of thorns, his nailed hands, and I got it!  As it says "He did not consider his equality with God to be used to His advantage." What a Savior we have.  I may be selfless with others, but I have missed the point.  He wants me to practice and perfect being selfless with Him.  Love you Lord.  I have to practice selflessness with God so I can perfect selflessness with my future mate.

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