Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hope's what we crave. it's a line in a song by For King and Country.  Hope is what we crave.   i can't keep thinking about that statement.  When i think about it, it's a true state.  we have a true desire or craving for hope, something we can't quantify, but ultimately need.  Honestly, when i write these days, i look forward to your comments most of the time because they give me hope.  I have gotten comments that are well meaning, but step on my toes, and sometimes I need that.  Sometimes, I am looking for your comments to give me validation, and as much as I hate to admit this, sometimes it is best when nobody comments.  I say this because I need to look to God, my personal Savior, Jesus Christ.  The only way to satisfy my desire or craving comes from them.  I need to spend time with them today.  I have been lazy, and putting it off.  No more...


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