Sunday, November 17, 2013

Does God use our pain for a purpose

These past few months have tested every part of my being.  I have been filled with a laundry list of emotions...lust, envy, jealousy, anxiety  and fear among many others.  if you can think it, i've probably thought it.  is writing this painful...Hell yes!  Right now, i feel i have an incapacity to lie, or do it well.  Is my introverted self having second thoughts...Oh God, do I want folks to see my flaws, my desire for male companionship, to be successful in a quantifiable I feel like I could God's job better....well maybe....honestly yes...  God is humbling me in a way I couldnt have seen.  i really wonder if the saying's true...God doesnt called the qualifited, he qualifies the called!


  1. Heavenly Father uses our pain for a purpose.... sometimes it's really painful but the blessings are always good.. never easy though..

  2. It's in these horribly painful times that we draw nearer to God and into a deeper relationship with Him. It is hard. I am in the middle of a difficult time. But we have to hold onto our faith and hope in Him. He knows what He is doing and He will work things out for His glory and our good. <> to you dear lady. :o)

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