Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Being real

After yesterday's response, I feel I need to continue.  Letting people see the real me is difficult.  For so long I have sprinkled fairy dust on the problem hopefully making it whisk it away.  I have known God is nudging me to this.  I can't deny it.  My writing talent is there, but my heart wasn't.  My heart may never fully be there, but God beckons and who am i to deny Him.
Cerebral Palsy and Constipation:  The two C's I have come to dread.  Spinach and Stretching are what help.  I look over at the rice at just wince.  I used to love rice until I realized I would hate it days later.  Stretching, a chore, I detested because it required work, and I'm lazy.  My body wants instant gratification.  Stretching reminded me that my body wasn't normal, and I hate working for something I should already have.  God and I fight.  My faith includes screaming, crying and everything I would rather not say.  You know you are getting better when you don't mind praying for God to help you go number two.  Disability ain't pretty.
Acceptance still is a b.  I just try to maintain grace.  A grace I don't deserve.


  1. Keep going. You're stronger than you think you are xxx

    Denton & Lou 

  2. I do not have your disability although I have one of my own. Acceptance is so difficult, but necessary to realizing God put you just where He wants you. You have something to do for Him that only you can do. All things, even our pain and limitations, are His way of using us for His glory. Keep it up Regine. You are a strong lady.