Monday, September 26, 2016

Pride problem

This girl has a problem with pride and it ain't pretty.  Asking for help is treachery.  Letting my guard down is something I've never really done.  I hate being vulnerable.  I'm so used to projecting an image of strength that letting you see my weakness is a non-negotiable.  Pride will kill you faster than weakness.  Weakness shows you're human, something I always felt was a cop-out.  Maybe that's why I hate doctors' offices.  They have to find my weakness so I can be strong.
Truth is a b, even if it does set you free.


  1. Pride is one of those ruts I shared about in yesterday's "Sunday Message". We use it for defense, excuse, alibi, you name it. And to me, there's more pride in the weaknesses you "allow yourself" (that you shouldn't) than in the strengths you show.

  2. I heard this saying one time....."pride is a foolish man's burden." In the years to come, the less prideful I want to be.