Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Making America great again

Let me analyze this statement.  America has always been great.  It allows you and me to pray freely.  It allows you loopholes not to pay taxes.  It allows you to make erroneous claims about the President's place of birth.  It allows you to discriminate against anyone who opposes you.  It allows you to make your wares that you peddle in other places, but America.  Your not paying taxes and taking write-offs for everything means we the taxpayers paid for your wife Melania's 2,645 dollar Roland Mouret dress.  A French designer.  At least, Michelle Obama promoted the American fashion industry wearing ensembles from J.Crew and the like.  If you gave a darn about America at least you could pretend to do so.  Don't pretend to want to the American people any favors.  Good business and greed aren't mutually exclusive.  Good business is one thing, but greed is another.
You are a good showman to have middle class America believing the lie that you will be their champion.  You've have opportunities and squandered them.  You mock a disabled reporter, call Lester Holt's questions unfair, say that your former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski wasn't a little too close with a woman at the event where he later spoke with the Florida police.  You mock a Venezuelan beauty queen for adding a few pounds or calling Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig.  You have fooled the American people, but I will not be fooled.
Make America great again?  Start leading by example.

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