Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

It is Good Friday. And all I can wonder is if I've spread myself too thin. Doubt and worry have got come in. I'm thinking of all that could go wrong, and if it does it will be all my fault. But it's Good Friday keeps coming to mind. All this to say, in seven years of being a Christian, is that I have to remember what drew me to Him and what keeps me there.


  1. we all spread ourselves too thin sometimes...take care of yourself...and have a lovely Friday!

    God is always there for is us who are not always there for him.

  2. This happens to the best of us. Hang in there and have a Happy Easter.

  3. I had just stated a few days ago that I felt as if I had been spreading myself to thin and that I needed to cut-back on some of my projects. So I understand completely how you are feeling.
    Take care and do what you can to help God to help you. He does have all of the answers but He sometimes has to let us work things out for ourselves~

  4. Regine, hope you have a wonderful Easter and thank you for your visit and kind words..Judy

  5. Regine, I was feeling kind of blue today until I played something on YouTube that I really love. It is an audio called "I AM. 365 Names of God" - Barrie P channel. I listened to it while I was painting and feel so much better. I always listen to it while doing something else. Sometimes my mind wanders, but then I am brought back by one or two sentences. Different things seem to really speak to me on different days. It's beautiful. Hope you listen to it when you're in the mood.
    Have a lovely Easter, Regine!

  6. Keep faith ...
    Wishing you a blessed Easter weekend

    All the best Jan

  7. Just remember- he knew everything you would screw up before He died for you.

  8. Dear one just remember He loves us so...Good Friday helps us to know. Keep "looking up" sweet sister. Thank you too for taking time to visit me. Have a blessed Easter.

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