Wednesday, April 12, 2017


This is my heart. My heart wonders if I will find love. A man to love me, all of me. I realize I must love self first. If it doesn't happen can I still find acceptance and joy in Christ, the deliverer of my soul.
My heart wonders if I will see Paris.
My heart wonders if I can find the beauty in each day.


  1. We are all vulnerable in so many ways. Thanks for visiting with me today.

  2. What lovely words, finding beauty in each day is powerful and wonderful!

  3. Beautiful words. Loving yourself is the first step in the direction of finding love from someone else.


  4. I think finding joy in all circumstances is sometimes hard to do. But if we concentrated on Christ's love for us, it would be easier.

  5. Just lovely:)
    PS I've been to Paris. I wonder too if I'll see it again.

  6. I pray you will find that wonderful man to love you. I did, 41 years ago. I have family and friends in Paris and love every centimeter of it. I hope you will see it some day. I adore Paris.

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  8. I have been in Paris but for sure too short time it was, so I need to go again :-)

  9. How lovely these thoughts. I will be married 46 years the end of this month and our one granddaughter was born on our anniversary...what a gift life is~

  10. My heart wonders if I will see Paris too. : )


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