Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pain and Peace

I'm learning each day. Learning lessons I wished I fully learned years ago.  Would it have saved me some pain. As I lower expectations of people, do I include myself?  Do I hold on to the promises of who God says I am versus what the world tells me?  An eye opener for sure. How does stay an idealist when seeing harsh realities that unsettle my being.


  1. Hi Regine, Life is filled with ups and downs of reality that give us room for pause. I guess we learn as we go along. Sometime it just takes time and the rest is in God's hands. Wishing you a lovely week up to Easter.
    Joys to you!!

  2. Sometimes people let us down, that's just a reality. But God will never leave us.


  3. God says do not conform to this world. He always makes it sound easy...

  4. Questions we all have to ask at times. Very hard to lower expectations of myself. Have to keep living in who God says I am not just knowing it in my head. Galations 2:20 helps.

  5. In my heart I know that most of the world is filled with good and love.
    Then the other side has its say in hate and violence.
    I cannot help but then to ask God..."why?"

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