Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Flipped in my Bible.  I came to Proverbs 11:2. I got humbled quick. My heart and head have been filled with self-pity because I have had my heart on what I wanted, not what I have. Sometimes the only One who can humble you is God.


  1. Timely for me, Regine. I am having trouble accepting that, but now I am getting humbled.

  2. The Lord surely knows how to help us out of the rough
    spots we all have from time to time. Just means HE loves us.........
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Sometimes what we want and what God wants for us are two different things and it is a bit hard to take isn't it? Big hugs.

  4. Thanks for your visit!
    Yes timely for me because I am right now asking Him why he wants me to have what He wants me to have. I will accept finally because the faith is such, but the question doesn't go away!