Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Late afternoon
Take off braces
Let legs be free
Bare feet
Dance on
The cold floor
Soon I reach
For faux fur slippers
A cold drink
Some trail mix
Prop myself
In my chair
Of choice
And unwind
The only way
I know how
Pen in hair
Music flowing
As I let the
Day and my perception
Go as I meditate
With the legends
Of yesteryear.


  1. What a lovely visit to step into the later hours of your day. It feels very good.

  2. Dearest R's Rue,
    It is important for unwinding from our days...

  3. That must be an amazing feeling, so freeing.

  4. Perfect moment.


  5. Hi, nice post. I follow you # 481 ,follow back?


  6. Wonderful word picture Regina - i can almost 'see' you as you unwind

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