Thursday, January 13, 2022


 What is making you smile?

What are you reading?

What are you ordering?

What’s for breakfast?

Favorite sweet or salty treat?


  1. Lots of questions!
    Staying in touch with my family is making you smile.
    I'm reading a mystery, it's my favorite genre.
    I'm ordering mostly just what I need, since I'm staying home quite a lot.
    I don't eat breakfast, but always have coffee.
    Since I write a recipe blog, I love both sweet and salty, which I choose to eat just depends on my mood!

  2. Been eating too many sakty cashews

  3. Making me smile; Nothing yet because I am in serious mode
    Reading: Save Me The Plums
    Ordering: Cough syrup
    Breakfast: Coffee
    Sweet/salty treat: Anything salted caramel

  4. What is making you smile? The little things. An unexpected flower in January.

    What are you reading? I was reading an Italian preface to Chekhov's short story (literary criticism), I might return to it this afternoon.

    What are you ordering?Nothing at the moment or in immediate future.

    What’s for breakfast? Burek.

  5. God's Word is making me smile.
    I'm naughty and have two books going. I'm reading Lavender Tears by Sandra Cunningham which is book 1 of the Mary of Bethany Series and Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder which I'm doing to fulfill a reading challenge to read a new to me middle grade book.
    I will have oatmeal probably or cold cereal
    I'm going to order a Little Women Devotional
    Potato chips are my favorite salty snack.

  6. What is making you smile :) life's detail, maybe sometimes jasmine smell maybe birds...

  7. What is making you smile? Our puppy, Zoey.

    What are you reading? A book on headcovering.

    What are you ordering? Potty bells for the door for the puppy.

    What’s for breakfast? a donut

    Favorite sweet or salty treat? Ice Cream

  8. hat is making you smile? -- Not much today -- Not feeling too great.
    What are you reading? - A mystery and also a book about Broadway musicals that flopped.
    What are you ordering? - Christmas presents for the toddlers.
    What’s for breakfast? - Oatmeal
    Favorite sweet or salty treat? - This week it's cheese balls. Which is not good.

  9. Smile - reading your blog
    Reading - Anne Hillerman
    Ordering - frames
    Favorite - avocado w/salty cracker

  10. I smiled when Jazz had his first pill of the day with no drama.
    Reading a memoir/biography about China which makes me realise (again) how lucky I am.
    Ordering nothing.
    It is too early to think about breakfast and my tummy is uncertain today.
    Sweet/salty treat? Chocolate or nuts.

  11. i am smiling because the hubs is making me laugh and he helped me with a cleaning project!!

    i am reading blogs!!

    i just ordered 4 shirts from target, i hope they fit!!

    i had banana bread for breakfast!!

    i like salty and nuts!!

  12. What is making you smile? Sunshine. It's beautiful outside today.

    What are you reading? Midnight Lock. I'm almost done.

    What are you ordering? Right now nothing, but hubby is getting packages all week long.

    What’s for breakfast? I had a turkey sandwich at 9:30 this morning. I'm not a fan of breakfast.

    Favorite sweet or salty treat? Coffee Lovers Ice Cream at Cold Stone.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  13. Hello,
    I am smiling at my grand-dogs they are our house guest for awhile.
    I am reading blogs now.
    I have not ordered anything recently.
    I had oatmeal for breakfast.
    Dark chocolate has been my treat lately.
    Enjoy your day!

  14. My dog makes me smile.
    I like sweet treats. Like chocolate truffles.

  15. I am smiling at my Parrot. I am reading blogs (love to read them) now. I have ordered a dinner from burger-king. I had Cheese-omelette for today's breakfast. Happy day.

  16. Italian, French & German politicians make me smile as they are big pharma's puppets.

  17. The beautiful day is making me smile. It's 40 degrees and sunny. Like March or February. I'm reading an old Perry Mason book from 1933 and breakfast was my usual shake. A very good day but not wildly exciting. How about yourself?

  18. Smile -taking a long walk outside after days at home
    Reading - Instyle
    Ordering - storage bins
    Breakfast - no breakfast since I started new medication and have been on an intermittent fast
    Treat - Kerrygold grassfed cheese (so good!)

  19. The fact that it's almost the end of the week makes me smile. I'm reading The Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line, not ordering anything, eating pancakes for breakfast, and definitely preferring salty snacks to sweet. :)

  20. My son and husband getting along so well.
    The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.
    A book - The Life of our Lord by Charles Dickens.
    Oatmeal with brown sugar.
    Ice cream.

  21. What is making you smile? Sweet little kittens.

    What are you reading? Nothing at the moment, besides blogs.

    What are you ordering? Cat Food

    What’s for breakfast? Whole wheat toast.

    Favorite sweet or salty treat? Chocolate chip cookies!

  22. Being home from work and having the next three days off is making me smile. Love chips and salsa for a salty treat and all-sorts licorice candy for a sweet treat. Just finished Mercy by David Baldacci. Loved it!

  23. These are great journal prompts! Currently smiling at 1970s cheesy sci fi music and reading How to Be Well by Frank Lipman! -

  24. What is making you smile? watching the kitties play

    What are you reading? your blog

    What are you ordering? Waiting for an order of kitty food

    What’s for breakfast? cinnamon raisin bagel

    Favorite sweet or salty treat? Hershey Kisses

  25. What is making you smile? - I lost a bit of weight and coloured my hair

    What are you reading? I am gonna start a book I got at Christmas...Mindhunter...the book the Netflix show is based on

    What are you ordering? A vanity unit for the toilet and need more cat food!

    What’s for breakfast? Nothing, I skip that mean though always have coffee

    Favorite sweet or salty treat? Hmm I am more salty and love nuts and potato chips (we call them crisps in Scotland). Sweet treat would be a dairy free cake

  26. What is making you smile? My famiily.
    What are you reading? a thriller
    What are you ordering? some diet supplements
    What’s for breakfast? toasts with jam and coffee with milk
    Favorite sweet or salty treat? Lindt's chocolates

  27. Reading something funny.
    Reading blog posts.
    Ordered 3 dishes for dinner tonight.
    Dim sum for breakfast.
    Ice creams.

  28. Nacho cheese is one of those snacks that I can't have often because it is hard for me to stop eating them

  29. Smiling at funny FB memes :)
    Reading Bazaar
    Ordering Bogner boots
    Eating oatmeal for breakfast

    Fun one, darling!