Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Abandoning perfection

 I’m slowing down

Worshipping freely

Listening to 

The voice 

I’ve silenced

I’m not fulfilling

The calling

Even when

I don’t like

What I write

I must continue

For it’s what

He asks me

It isn’t an

An adoration society 

For people

It’s simple


And undivided attention

And respect

For Him

Who doesn’t 

Ask for much

Learn from me

Don’t squander 

The talent

Seeking the unattainable 

In search

Of something 

So fickle


May my words

Glorify You

And make 

You smile


Somebody finally chose

To ditch perfection


  1. No telemóvel não tenho tradutor. ( porque não colocar na barra direita?)
    Deixando cumprimentos

  2. I gave up trying to be perfect a long time ago. A) I couldn't be, and I knew it and B) All the people I know who thought they were perfect not only weren't, but far more insufferable for the assumption! I didn't want to be them.

  3. Oh I do agree with you Regine, to use our gifts as given and don't try to wait for perfection before using it/them. And to use them for God's glory, not our own.

  4. Lovely! A hug, dear Regine. 🤍

  5. Beautiful message Rue. Hugs, Donna

  6. Many of the people that are talked about in the Bible were people who didn't have much at all, who were not perfect by any means, but who continued to love despite their difficulties and struggles. If you have love, you have everything.


  7. I literally posted on someone's page today that "Perfection is a joy killer!" It is highly overrated. We all just do the best we can, understanding that some can do more than others, but we do what WE can.