Tuesday, March 1, 2022


 What are you ordering?

What are you reading?

What are you making?

What is making you smile?

What is your favorite color?


  1. What are you ordering? Nothing

    What are you reading? Find Me

    What are you making? Nothing

    What is making you smile? The sunshine this morning

    What is your favorite color? Pink

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  2. Hello
    I just ordered a couple of children's books Easter presents for my Grandchildren.
    I am just starting Dugoni's mystery... Her Final Breath
    I will be making lunch soon. Nothing special.
    Smiling at all the Sunflower images for Ukraine.
    My favorite color is blue.

    Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. Trying not to order anything, and reading The Big Burn by Timothy Eagan. Making lots of hats for charity to use up some of my huge stash. It's not pouring at the moment and that's worth a smile, and my favorite color is red. Happy March first!

  4. What are you ordering? Trying not to order this week

    What are you reading? New Morning Mercies (daily Devotion Paul David Tripp)

    What are you making? Going to line some cabinet shelves with contact paper later

    What is making you smile? The sun is shining

    What is your favorite color? Probably blue, there are so many shades and the sky is blue

  5. Ordering skincare for my husband
    Reading In A new York Minute
    Just made turkey burgers and roasted veggies for lunch.
    My husband sitting next to me makes me smile.
    Pink is my happy color.

  6. Ordering nothing
    Reading "Last Night in Havana
    Making a grocery list (debating whether to go or not)
    Watching birds build nests is making me smile
    I do love blues, all shades!

  7. I am asking for PEACE for the Ukrainian people.
    Cordial greetings
    Poetic Thoughts and Daydreams

  8. I don't order anything
    Just now, I'm making nothing
    Grandchildren make me smile
    Take care <3

  9. Had to order a new vacuum. Not reading anything. My dog makes me smile every day. Making a hooked rug mostly in my favorite colors of red and blue. Janice

  10. You know the colors Vincent Van Gogh loved to use in his paintings? Those are my favorite colors...all of them. :D

  11. all colors are lovely ... the most is green

  12. lovely questions!
    have a great week,

  13. What are you ordering? Ordered some special sun screen and lip balm with sun screen.

    What are you reading? Just finished Facing the Mountain, was excellent.

    What are you making? Got 2 afghans going and a scarf

    What is making you smile? The thought that spring is getting close.

    What is your favorite color? Hum...I like colors, so not sure I have a favorite...bright colors generally speaking.
    Sandy's Space

  14. Not ordering anything right now. But I did just get finished reading a lovely book...called "Driftwodd Tides"
    As always, I'm making greeting cards. My favorite color is PINK!

  15. What are you ordering? I brought home Burger King and I have found it is easier to write down what you want and don't order drinks.

    What are you reading? Mainly, stuff I am writing but I have visited other blogs too.

    What are you making? I am attempting to make jeans for a Barbie doll. It's not going well. Also, I have been working on a story.

    What is making you smile? The new guy at work who is the head of circ's assistant.

    What is your favorite color? pink

  16. I'm trying to order nothing. I ordered an external hard drive.

    I'm reading Solace Island

    I'm making - nothing!

    Today a lovely walk on a cold beach made me smile.

    My favourite colour right now is blue.

  17. Just placed a big Amazon order- just stuff for around the house, nothing exciting. My favorite color right now is bright yellow- bring on spring!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. I've preordered The Little Women Devotional by Rachel Dodge
    I'm reading Little Women
    I'm crocheting a Tunisian crochet calender blanket
    Making me smile is knowing my Little Women Devotional will be here soon
    Lavender is my favorite color

  19. I have nothing on order
    I am reading a Tracey Peterson book - Summer of the Midnight Sun
    Making cards and a canvas work bookmark
    Laughs with my friend as I stay with her while she is recovering from (hand) surgery
    Blues are my favourite colour
    Stay safe

  20. We ordered takeaway for dinner tonight if that counts, haha! I'm currently reading a few books - lots of library holds came in at once!
    Not really making anything at the moment!
    But my kids always do make me smile :)

    And blue is my favourite colour!

    Hope that your week is going well! The flood waters have gone down here so we are no longer flooded in which is awesome :)

    Away From The Blue


  21. Currently reading The Buddha and the badass by Vishen L
    Doing my little DIY home decor project at the moment
    and my favorite color has been purple and black!

    I hope you have a lovely week

    style frontier

  22. What are you ordering?
    What are you reading?
    still the same
    What are you making?
    crochet gold fish
    What is making you smile?
    What is your favorite color?

  23. Just placed a Target DriveUp order (total game changer!), reading The Heir Affair, making plans for the rest of the year, my daughter's giggles are making me smile, and my favorite color is green.

  24. We have had two days in a row of warm temperatures, that has brought a smile to my face!

  25. What are you ordering? Nothing.
    What are you reading? Audio of Hot Rock by Donald E. Westlake
    What are you making? Birthday cards.
    What is making you smile? Photos of great grandkids
    What is your favorite color? Red or Red, White and Blue

  26. What are you ordering? No money, no order

    What are you reading? News about Ukraine

    What are you making? Mess with my baby boy

    What is making you smile? Smile of my baby boy

    What is your favorite color? Every Pink

  27. No ordering. Not fan of internet shopping.
    Reading David Baldacci "Atlee Pine" series
    Making counted cross stitch of 6 cat faces, it'll take me
    a lifetime to finish.
    Smiling at all the goldfinch mobbing the feeders.
    Favorite color is blue-blue-blue especially with the sun
    in the sky too.

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