Monday, March 14, 2022


 What are you thinking about?

What are you making?

What are you eating?

What are you ordering?

What is on your heart?


  1. TBH, all the sad things happening right now have been on my ALL THE TIME:(

  2. What are you thinking about? My sister

    What are you making? Tuna Casserole for dinner

    What are you eating? Cup of soup

    What are you ordering? Summer tees

    What is on your heart? My sister.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Regine. ♥

  3. What are you thinking about? Ukraine.
    What are you making? Nothing right now!
    What are you eating? Leftover pasta
    What are you ordering? books, paint and birthday gifts
    What is on your heart? Ukraine.

  4. How to reorganize my pantry
    Chicken cutlet and salad
    Birthday presents for friends
    Anti-Asian racism

  5. when you come to mind I pray and how I don't know you in regular life only online. But the Lord uses you to soften my heart to things He cares about. Ordering--sometimes groceries...trying to hold the line on things I really can do without! working on a project with my daughter. on my heart knowing Jesus and drawing close to Him. Thanks for your questions....and thanks for sharing your heart!

  6. What are you thinking about? Russia

    What are you making? Pizza tonight

    What are you eating? Nothing

    What are you ordering? My kids around

    What is on your heart? Russia

  7. Hello,
    I am thinking about Ukraine!
    Making..dinner soon.
    Eating Baked Chicken
    Ordering, nothing at this time.
    On and in my heart, peace for Ukraine.
    Have a happy day!

  8. What are you thinking about? Ukraine and the refugees.

    What are you making? Nothing special, some embroidering...

    What are you eating? nothing.

    What are you ordering? nothing. Looking for a cardigan though.

    What is on your heart? Prayer for peace and conversion in the hearts of those who are responsible for the war.

  9. Love your thoughtful posts! I, too, am thinking about Ukraine and just finished a hat in their colors. It's a nice pattern by Casapinka and allows you to make a small donation to the cause. (It's called Ripples Make Waves.)

  10. What are you thinking about? My book.

    What are you making? Writing a book.

    What are you eating? On a juice cleanse.

    What are you ordering? A laptop bag.

    What is on your heart? World peace.

  11. *so many things this month
    *meatloaf and potatoes
    *no ordering
    *visiting the girls soon, and Ukraine

  12. I ordered some mixed nuts and have been snacking on those.

  13. Ukraine has been on my mind, as with so many, and food... trying to make a decision about that.

  14. It's pi day so I have been thinking about the chocolate cream pie I bought, and whether I should have a piece now or wait until tonight. Smile. And I've been thinking about Ukraine and what happens if China sides with Russia. And I've been making things neater by cleaning some things today. Not exciting I guess.

  15. O que mais peço que que Putin morra e a Guerra acabe .
    Uma semana feliz …saudações cordiais
    Poema: “” Um Monstro a Matar “”
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  16. It's PI day, so I'm eating pie tonight to celebrate. :D

  17. We've enjoyed a pork casserole for dinner.
    Hoping for peace to come soon.

    All the best Jan

  18. Thinking about the state of the world
    Making an inventory of every single bit of food in the house
    Eating a keto lifestyle meal plan where things almost taste like the real thing
    Ordering a large food grade bucket to brine turkeys.
    My heart bleeds for the people in The Ukraine

  19. My cousin.
    Tomorrow, fresh tortillas.
    Graham crackers and milk.
    Everything with special good wishes for you.

  20. Thinking about family and Covid :(
    Making - a stitched canvas bookmark
    Eating - nothing, still full from Dinner
    Ordering - waiting for stamps to arrive from USA
    On my heart - worship
    Stay safe

  21. What are you thinking about? About day routine

    What are you making? breakfast

    What are you eating? Breakfast

    What are you ordering? Nothing

    What is on your heart? Love, happy and calm

  22. thinking about art,
    making a start,
    eating a tart,
    ordering a cart,
    and sharing my heart.

  23. my hubby made me brownies for my birthday, and I had to have ice cream with it :)

  24. What are you thinking about? I'm thinking about a character or two.

    What are you making? Not anything at the moment. I wish chocolate chip cookies.

    What are you eating? Breadsticks. I know I ate one too many with my salad.

    What are you ordering? I am staying away from that.

    What is on your heart? Praying for peace. Wishing we could rewind the last few weeks and we wouldn't have to be so troubled at the moment about the fate of the world.

  25. Thinking about the rapture. It is always in the front of my mind.
    We made tacos tonight with leftovers.I baked a cinnamon apple bread and we finished it off with our night time tea.
    We had the cinnamon apple bread. So now we are ready for a good night's rest.
    I ordered some decorations for my mini tree for Easter and also 4th of July. They arrived today. I was happy they are beautiful.

  26. Praying for Our Lord to return. This worldis beyond help and so I trust God to have Jesus return sooner than later.

  27. Thinking about = the nice things in my life
    Making = another amigurumi!
    Eating = cake!
    Ordering = things to treat me
    On my heart = ukraine people...