Friday, July 8, 2022

Get to know me

 I love collecting seashells

I have a sweet tooth

I love to shop

Buying books is my weakness

Traveling soothes my soul

Tell me something about you


  1. About me
    First of all I love Jesus and without Him I would be nothing.
    I love reading classic books and Christian books
    I'm starting to sew my own modest dresses and skirts
    My favorite restaurants are Cracker Barrel and in-house Out Burgers
    I love to drink tea out of pretty teacups
    Crocheting is my favorite way to relax
    My favorite book of the Bible is Romans

  2. I love pasta.
    I love ice cream.
    I love to read.
    I love to cruise on our boat.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Regine. ♥

  3. I'm a photo lover and taker, book reader, vegan cook and lover of travel!

  4. I collect snowmen :) I love nachos and cheese :) My weakness is beautiful papers for cardmaking!

  5. Doughnuts are my weakness. I love buying books, too! And I dream of living at the beach one day.

  6. I don't like shopping - except for plants and books. I buy too many of both.

  7. Dearest Regine,
    Well, we have collected seashells for a friend of Pieter's brother, till he suddenly passed away. It is special to have a collection from all over the world!
    From Mom & Dad's Estate items I inherited also Mom's book with numerous dried 4–leafed clovers. Those mean a lot to me, I've gathered only a few, and still have those. But she had quite a collection!
    The best is to collect fond memories deep inside our hearts and letting go of all negativity. It frees up your space for true happiness!

  8. These are nice things to know about you. I have a sweet tooth too, and I love to shop; even if I don't buy anything, it's nice to browse.

    Thanks for visiting this morning. : )


  9. How fun to learn more about you Regine!
    I collect vintage cameras and I prefer savory to sweet. French fries are my weakness ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. I love collecting notebooks but hate writing in them lol
    I love chocolate dipped in coffee
    I hate shopping
    Sitting in the garden at night with a glass of port watching the stars and the bats flying around sooths my soul
    Enjoy the weekend
    Carol x

  11. I love also collecting shells and small stones.
    I do not imagine yet the project for them, but I am
    confident that the idea will come.
    I love to read and craft and most of all to experiment
    new things and projects. Theoretical, it's too much but I
    do not care...😊 And yes, I have a few plants in the balcony and I love them!
    Be well, Regina! All the best!❤️

    1. I forgot about writing. I do not know why...
      I love writing my post!😊

  12. I love seas shells. Chocolate ones. We have them here in the UK.

    I write books. Christian ones and humourous ones. Some are available to download FREE from:

    I thought of publishing a book made of chocolate. But I ate it before it was finished.

    God bless.

  13. I love sea shells and small rocks from the beach,
    Music and books, I enjoy buying.
    Crisps are my weakness

  14. 4 out of 5 of yours are mine as well, darling!
    Thx for the smile :)


  15. I love all kinds of music and I love reading books about current events. I'd be willing to bet my sweet tooth is bigger than yours :)

  16. What a beautiful way to describe yourself! If buying books is a weakness, then I don't want to be strong. I too love to shop and read. Also, watching comedies and making colorful jewelry.

  17. I used to collect books and would love to reread some of them. But since moving a couple of times, I have let them go. But just ask me about my yarn collection, haha.

  18. We have the same weakness, I keep buying books and have 500 waiting to be read. Not a bad vice really. I love Jesus, he is central in my life and brings me joy.

  19. I love collecting seashells too by the ocean but when I go up to the Great Lakes I collect rocks and driftwood. Books are awesome

  20. It is nice to learn some things about you my friend, we share another blog friend at Kiwimekreations--I saw you had commented on one of her cards. We follow each other's card blogs now...

  21. I love the Lord
    I can loose myself in a book, so I don't let myself read a lot or I will spend all night reading - and regret it next day :)
    I enjoy my online 'community'
    I am a mother and grandmother to a patchwork family that I love dearly
    I love craft of many types, and will 'try my hand' at anything - at least once, but I cannot draw to save myself
    I wish I could travel, but covid has put a damper on that
    I think that is about enough of me

  22. I love art journaling, collecting crystals, and I find peace during prayer time which is my favorite time of the day. I also love collecting seashells.

  23. I'm a Southpaw, love the color blue (cobalt, royal, sapphire), love chocolate, and have too many art supplies to use up in my lifetime

  24. It sounded as though you were describing me in your list. I also like plants.

  25. I've sweet tooth too! And I have a collection of sea shells and books. I like to shop for fabric and yarn (I've stopped buying books!)

  26. I used to collect seashells when I went to the sea more often. I also collected sharks' teeth. I love very old books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. They are very brittle and some are falling apart, but I love the sweet old romance/action stories from that era. I love photography, mostly of nature surrounding us. And I love Jesus.

  27. I definitely have a sweet tooth! I've switched from buying books to using the library more - means that I don't spend as much or take up as much room in the house, haha! but it can be hard to juggle is a lot of my hold requests come in at once!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  28. I don’t like shopping.
    I love fresh bread of any kind, tortillas.
    I like word puzzles and card games
    I like reading blogs.

  29. Buying books is my weakness as well. That and stress eating!