Thursday, September 7, 2023


 What are you eating?

What are you reading?

What are you buying?

What are you watching?

What is making you smile?


  1. What are you eating? yogurt!

    What are you reading? The Writing Retreat

    What are you buying? not a lot

    What are you watching? Miraculous Brothers

    What is making you smile? phone call from a co-worker

    Happy Weekend!

  2. I ate an omelet & zucchini bread for breakfast, I'm read The People We Meet on Vacation. I haven't been buying anything but lots and lots of groceries. I'm slowly making my way through 3 shows: Suits, Hot in Cleveland, & Blue Bloods. My boys have made me smile this week-- each one is really trying their best at starting off the new school year right.

  3. Eating too much junk food! Argh! And reading Loop by Koji Suzuki:)

  4. *Mediterranean pasta salad
    *lovely blogs
    *just ordered cute pumpkin onesie for grandbaby.
    *I will watch Virgin River season 5 soon.
    *baby Charlotte. : )

  5. What are you eating? -- Had Mexican for dinner tonight
    What are you reading? - Elizabeth and Margaret by Andrew Morton
    What are you buying? 25 mat kits to mat my paintings.
    What are you watching? Only Murders in the Building
    What is making you smile? Rick is home safely from hs bike ride!