Thursday, March 7, 2024



You’re remaking me

In your image

And I’ve not realized

When pride is laid down

Work is done

In crafting perfection

I never understood what Your purpose was, but now I start to see what is happening. Your desires for me are bigger than I have for myself. I need to trust that I’m capable to do what you see for me. And you’re doing it while I’m clothed in old sweats and a Longhorn t-shirt.  I don’t need my legs to write. I just need a willing spirit and the talent that has always been there. I doubted the talent. I still do. I’m writing because it’s what you demand. 

Love yourself and one another


  1. Sounds like you are pursuing the gift God has given you, Regine. Keep it up!

  2. Wonderful! All the best to your beautiful creativity!

  3. I assure you have good talent that God wants you to do. Enjoy your journey in life with Him! God bless your day and beyond!