Thursday, March 28, 2024


 I saw something on Instagram last week, and its rocked me to my core. I wish I knew who said it. It said “instead of being well known, strive to be someone worth knowing”  I’ve had a preoccupation with the former and not the latter. Maybe my therapist and I will have a chat about it, but a simple sentence is reshaping how I want to live. My soul is undergoing renovation. Maybe we as humans need a total gut job or just some minor tweaks. 

Reno work

Is an ongoing process

I may actually enjoy

Now the my brain

Is receptive

To realignment

The smallest realization

Yields the biggest result


  1. “instead of being well known, strive to be someone worth knowing”
    Brilliant :)

  2. You are worth knowing! Happy Holy Week!

  3. It's always so amazing to get inspiration from instagram and other places! So good to hear, you have a rejuvinated mindset!

    xoxo, Midori

  4. That is SUCH a powerful (and beautiful) aspiration.

  5. Great words. Something we should all strive for.

  6. That is such a powerful quote, and something we should all aspire to. Thinking of you lovely! <33

  7. An impacting statement Regine - love it, and thank you for sharing it. May you be blessed as you realign your thinking, as it will not be an easy journey
    Easter Blessings

  8. That's a wonderful expression and something we should all live by. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Regine, amazing grace at work in you sweet lady, Thanks for sharing this, it is "thought provoking."

  10. "Though I am known I am unknown. Only my passing will tell the truth of my existence." You have discovered something more profound than you know.

    Hugs and Blessings