Saturday, July 31, 2021


 Favorite desserts- cake and brownies 

Olympic sport- Table tennis

Caribbean Island-Anguilla

Writing utensil- Precise V5 Pen

Calming activity-Word searches 


  1. Favorite dessert: pie.
    Calming activity: knitting.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  2. It's funny how everyone has a favorite pen. I am a sharpie, ultra fine non-bleeding pen.

  3. Ice cream and Pilot Ballpoint Pen for writing and playing card games. Never been to the Caribbean. Olympics, never watch but admire the athletes for prowess and dedication. Thanks.

  4. Since you left a message on my blog i wanted to take a look at yours but... i can't see any pictures. Only the comments i can read . No idea how that can happen. I have no problems wit other blogs. ;)

  5. Anguilla sounds pretty good :))

  6. Cake and brownies, yummy! Happy Sunday, hugs, Valerie

  7. Cake for me anytime!
    Caribbean - St. Bart's
    Calming Activity - Listen to my favorite songs


  8. If you love table tennis, you'll be intrigued that my family invented the MacCrossen bat--a hugely popular paddle about 50 years ago.

  9. Ooooh fun one!
    Dessert: key lime cheesecake
    Olympic sport: Women's gymnastics
    Island: St. John
    Writing utensil: calligraphy pen
    Calming activity: Scrabble app (against computer)

    Happy Sunday, darling!


  10. My favorite music... Mikromusic 😊!!!

  11. Give me the craft desk any time and I'll be happy and my dogs too and hubby obviously xXx

  12. - Favorite desserts = carrot cake (gotta be lactose free tho)

    - Olympic sport = no idea

    - Caribbean Island = No idea never been

    - Writing utensil = any pen that does not bleed

    - Calming activity = listening to music and cuddling my cats

  13. Cake and cookies for me.
    Olympics - Gymnastics.
    Island - I haven't been and they don't hold big appeal for me.
    Writing utensil - TUL ink pens. Did you nurses are very picky about their pens? We each have a favorite!
    Calming activity - online scrapbooking.
    Fun post Rue!

  14. I love my Precise pens I have a set with colored ink that I really enjoy using -

  15. It's nice to hear some of your favorites, Regine. I hope the August days bring you much goodness. : )


  16. You learn a lot about a person from the simple things they enjoy. Love this!

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