Monday, July 12, 2021


 Do we have

Any prayer requests


Or praises

To celebrate


  1. A prayer for world peace...for people to love and celebrate each other! 🙏🙏
    My fondest wish...
    Have a good day, dear friend.

    Hugs xxx

  2. Pray for Surfside Miami victims and their families. Stories of those killed are just coming out.

  3. Please pray for a family at my daughter's preschool. The dad ( Trevor)on Friday was killed in an head-on collision while driving the children to the preschool. The other driver was also killed. The little girls ages 2 and 4 were air lifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital but we don't know their condition as of today. The 2 year old is in my daughter's class.I don't know about the other driver's family so please for that family too. Also the girl's mother is expecting so pray for the health of her unborn child.
    Thank you Regine for praying and anyone else who reads this.

    1. Update: Both children have been released from the hospital but the 4 year old is having mental trauma from the accident. She was terrified on the way home from the hospital and was begging her mom to slow down though she was driving the right speed.So please pray for this sweet child. I will refer to her as "Grace" and her little sister as "Patience". God knows their names.

  4. I don't know how you do it but you must have read my mind! I have just got off the phone to the bank. Just a small thing but it took an age so I'm celebrating now having finished the call Hee! Hee! x

  5. Ah yes I pray for my mom who passed and also for my coworker whose fiancee passed away 2 weekends ago from an extreme asthma attack he was 33 I am so sad for her it was really shocking. And thank your for the nice words on my blog : )

    Allie of

  6. Prayers for all those in need of prayers.

    Have a blessed day and week, Regine. ♥

  7. Yes, for my Son.

    And for safe travels for my family right now on their camping road trip.

    Thank you, Regine. These posts you do periodically are so special. Prayers are important, and I thank you for saying one for me.

    You are a good blog friend.


  8. Hello!! so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Orações para o mundo todo, nos tempos tão difíceis!

  10. We send healing prayers to all of those in need, always.

  11. Prayers to all those in need of help and healing. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start dear Regine <3

  12. My prayer request is for rain! We desperately need it where I live.

  13. No prayer requests, but sending prayers to those who need it.

  14. For cool breezes would be my prayer but for really cool breezes for those in over 100 degree temps.

  15. Thinking of the never-ending upheaval in the world. So many suffering.

  16. It's very important! Have a nice week :)

  17. I am praising that Rick was able to get his emergency surgery and is now doing much better -- not back to normal but well on the way!

    Thank you for this. And also, for your wonderful comments at my blog, which truly make me smile.

  18. I pray all day and night for life and loves of our

  19. I will write everyone who requested prayer in my prayer journal. If you can please update.

  20. How lovely you are to invite prayer requests and celebratory thanks.


  21. I celebrate God's goodness and mercy as he hears and answers these prayers.
    Stay safe

  22. I was going to say what I wanted to pray about, then read Regina's post and thought they need prayers more than me.
    Faith x

  23. Praying, thanking and enjoying beautiful things every day and accepting even if some things do not succeed as hoped, it all has a meaning, at some point we will understand it. Best regards Karin Lissi

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