Sunday, July 25, 2021


 Some questions

What’s for breakfast?

Last book you read?

What are you watching?

Where did you go to college?

What is your favorite hobby?


  1. Raisin toast with coffee. Everyone in this room will someday be dead. Lost Tomb 2:explore the Note. ASU. Writing.

  2. Grilled Brie on toast, haven't read a book in awhile, watching Olympics, college in Canada, wedding is my summer hobby.

  3. Coffee, "Clifford's Blues", Fargo and The Olympics, Alabama, Swimming and Reading

  4. Green apple with peanut butter
    A Gentleman in Moscow
    Star Trek

  5. *red velvet cake and coffee (left over from my son's birthday).
    *haven't read a book in so long.
    *Hallmark Christmas Shows!
    *Community College

    Have a nice Sunday Regine.

  6. Out for cheese omelette.
    Ambush of Widows - Jeff Abbott
    Foyle’s War
    Airline School
    Doing puzzles

  7. What’s for breakfast? chocolate milk

    Last book you read? Clock Dance by Anne Tyler

    What are you watching? The Handmaid's Tale

    Where did you go to college? Shepherd University in West Virginia

    What is your favorite hobby? reading

    Will you provide your answers--perhaps in a poem?


  8. Questions para melhor conhecer 👏👏👏

  9. Homemade Englih muffin with butter and raspberry jam.

    Fries and Alibies by Trixie Silvertale


    Didn't go

    Not sure walking counts as a hobby so I'll say knitting.

  10. I had a mushroom omelette for breakfast.
    Last book I read was Witched Get Stitches.
    Watching Cobra Kai.
    I didn't go to college.
    My favorite hobby other than reading is cooking and making myself jewelry.

  11. Coffee and belVita breakfast biscuit
    Fault Lines by Virtue Baucham which is a book every single Christian should read
    Star Trek Voyage
    El Camino College in Torrance, California

  12. Orange juice, Heritage flakes, banana, skim milk.
    Golden Girl by Elin Hildebrand
    Emory and Henry College in Southwest Virginia
    Reading, cooking, jigsaw puzzles

  13. This morning I had fruit and yogurt for breakfast. I'm currently reading Glory Road by Lauren K. Denton and we've been watching the Olympics.

  14. Breakfast was a shake, last book was A Signature of All Things, watching the OLympics, University of Maine, and favorite hobby, hmmm, I have too many!

  15. Breakfast? Hard boiled egg, oj and bacon. Last book I finished was Murder in the Monastery by Victor Moubarek (I think you are blogging friends?) Went to Emory University, watching the news, and my hobby is writing!
    Blessings, Regine!

  16. Boiled Eggs
    Max Lucado - You are never alone
    Right now we have on an episode from The Chosen. We love it!
    Nursing School

  17. What’s for breakfast? I don't eat breakfast.

    Last book you read? A Debbie Macomber book.

    What are you watching? Manifest on Netflix

    Where did you go to college? I didn't.

    What is your favorite hobby? Yarn-Knitting/Crochet

  18. I just finished "Look me in the Eye" and it was really good.

  19. Sundays are toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam :) You know my favorite hobby is card making :)

  20. Breakfast - my variation of Bircher museli and a kefir drink
    Last Book - The Fields of Bannokburn, by Donna Fletcher Crow
    Watching my computer screen - I chose not to have TV in the house
    College - A local High School, left school at 17
    Hobby - card making
    Stay safe

  21. Cafe y pan tostado con mermelada.
    Las profesias de Tutankamon
    Veo la pantalla de mi computadora
    Estudie en el Instituto Latino Americano.
    Saludos. :=)

  22. Bircher muesli and yogurt
    only read craft magazines
    Watch British crime series
    Went to school of nursing after graduation from high school
    well my hobbies are crafting, landscaping, decorating and walking
    hugs. xxx

  23. Rye toast, A Gift from the Sea, Olympics, University of Illinois, art journaling. Have a great week Regine!

  24. Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  25. Super easy breakfast to start Monday!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  26. Breakfast is cereal and fruit. Books would have to be Fish Keepers Guide Hee! Hee! TV, Are You Being served (the old ones are the best), teacher training college, favourite hobby, bet you can guess! Anything crafty of course! xXx

  27. For breakfast I had peach yogurt with cherries and nuts added. I just finished a mystery called "Trouble at the Town Hall"(a mystery by Jeanne Dams. I'm streaming some video from Acorn and PBS -- Unforgotten, Professor T., House of Victorian Arts and Craft. I went to Michigan State for both undergrad and grad school. And you probably won't be surprised to know my favorite hobby is my watercolor painting!

  28. -Rarely eat breakfast, if I do a slice of toast!
    -So long ago I can't recall. Not a big reader!
    -Just finished watching Loki, loved it :-D
    -Blogging, visit the pond and feeding the ducks and other birds there

  29. Scrambled eggs, toast, orange. Lisey's Story. Newsmax; pulled the plug on cable TV about 6 months ago. New Jersey. Way to many hobbies to list here; favorite varies from day to day; today is making altered art.

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