Thursday, July 15, 2021


 Where do you live?

Favorite place to travel?

Lifelong dream?

Favorite place to eat?

Tell me one fact about yourself not many people know?


  1. Can't wait to hear the answers. I am a flutist and back to pursuing my dream at 50.

  2. I've written a series of books! You can find them here:
    Blessings, Regine!

  3. 1 - Moro na zona de Lisboa
    2 - Portugal de lés a lés
    3 - Ser milionário
    4 - sala de jantar
    5 - Sou um eterno insatisfeito
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  4. *Northern California
    *So Cal to see the girls
    *It was my dream to move to the mountains in my later years
    *Macaroni Grill (Italian)
    *I've moved 3 times in 5 years, I'm tired. Time to rest.

    I'm doing fine, and thank you for asking, Regine. : )

  5. Where do you live? Just moved from Spokane, WA to Omaha, NE

    Favorite place to travel? SO many. Japan, London, around the US nation parks.

    Lifelong dream? Travel the US after retirement.

    Favorite place to eat? Anywhere with Dennis.

    Tell me one fact about yourself not many people know?
    I'm pretty much an open book. Not a lot of secrets.

  6. Where do you live? Central California

    Favorite place to travel? On our boat

    Lifelong dream? I'm living it

    Favorite place to eat? Home

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  7. Where do I live? - Wales UK
    Favourite place? - I love both the sea and country and live within a short distance of both.
    Lifelong dream? - All I ever wanted was to be a mother and happy. Things didn't work out quite as I would have liked.
    Favourite place to eat? - Home
    One fact about me not many know? - Mmmmmm can't think atm.
    Faith x

  8. I live in rural Arizona formerly a California girl

    My favorite place to travel would be Pine Valley, California. They have a lovely Christian retreat center with delicious food.

    Life long dream? I've always wanted to go to the Holy Land. Israel wouldn't be a good place currently to visit though.

    My favorite place to eat outside home would be Cracker Barrel restaurant

    One fact about myself not many know: When I was in 4th grade we moved three times so I went to three different schools. Bonus fact: I used to be terrified of sunflowers when I was little because I thought they ate people. I watched the original non musical Little Shop of Horrors and other scary movies.

  9. I live in the suburbs or Birmingham, Al.
    My favorite place to travel is to see my sons families
    To write something I am completely satisfied with after it is written is a life long dream.
    My favorite place to eat is Highland's Bar and Grill, which is still closed due to Covid. I hope it reopens soon because it was our celebration go-to place.
    I play classical piano, but never for anyone but myself. I do not like an audience of any kind or size.

  10. I live in Utah. My favorite place to travel is Napili Bay on the island of Maui. I've always dreamed of writing a book and getting it published. I don't have a favorite place to eat, but I do know at least 20 different ways of making pancakes. :)

  11. I live in Portugal, in a small town!!

  12. On the border of Idaho and Washington, I love the mountains, to write a novel about my family a lot of truth a little fiction thrown in,Effie burger grill,In spite of being very outgoing, I like to be alone.

  13. I live in Las Vegas.
    I don't like to travel.
    Dream would be to visit the ocean again.
    My favorite places to eat are Mexican restaurants.
    Most people don't know that I like to make jewelry.

  14. I live in Australia's capital city.
    Going to Antarctica was a long held dream. It lived up to its promise. And more.

  15. I live in Poland. My favorite place to travel is Spain and Greece.

  16. I live in the South of England.
    I've always wanted to learn to play the piano, but never have yet!

    All the best Jan

  17. Good idea!

    -I live in Central Scotland
    -I love visiting my local pond with the ducks, I am not really into travelling as such
    -Not really got a lifelong dream
    -Probably at home
    -I enjoy my own company and don't get lonely - I don't tell people that!

  18. Fun one, darling!
    I live in Connecticut.
    Fave place to travel: the Florida Keys
    Lifelong dream: phd in Art History
    Restaurant I love: Avert, French bistro in West Hartford, CT
    Little known fact: I was a gymnast til I got too tall


  19. Accident, Maryland
    Just to enjoy each day that God has given me.
    Brenda's Pizza
    I lived in a castle

  20. lifelong dream: to be loved for who I am

  21. I live in New Hampshire
    I love to go just about anyplace
    I eat lots of things and am not too fussy
    But the one thing I had a hard time eating was eels.

  22. Buenas preguntas te mando un beso

  23. Where do you live? SW Florida

    Favorite place to travel? I prefer home these days

    Lifelong dream? Being retired, living and loving it!

    Favorite place to eat? Home, I love to cook and we don't have any decent restaurants in our area.

    Tell me one fact about yourself not many people know? I had dinner with Frank Sinatra. :)

  24. My life long dream is to see tomorrow. :-)

  25. I live in Christchurch New Zealand
    I would love to travel to Budapest
    Dream is to be happy and healthy
    Favourite place to eat: Home
    I have no hidden facts lol

  26. I hope to go to Greece one day. :)

  27. I live in Texas and would love to visit Israel someday. I'd love to write a novel and have it published someday. And my favorite place to eat is home. (But I wouldn't mind going to Chipotle, lol.)

  28. Vivo en Monterrey Nuevo León, México, viajo seguido a Cancun Quintana Roo, mi sueño es poder publicar mi libro, me gusta comer en casa, .... Saludos.

  29. 1. I live in Lahti, Finland. 2. My Father lives in the country side, I really love to travel there to see him and the Place. 3. I always wanted to be a Millionaire. 4. My Mom is The Place for eating. 5. I "speak" Cat semi-fluent.

  30. Where do you live? Costal Bend, Texas

    Favorite place to travel? Caribbean

    Lifelong dream? To have a home on the Pacific ocean...with glass walls!!

    Favorite place to eat? Nikos steak House

    Tell me one fact about yourself not many people know? I was in two movies. With Kevin Costner & then, Pam Dawber.

  31. Finland

    I'd love to visit Ireland

    Financial independence and lots of books

    AT home

    Nothing..pretty open

  32. I live in Australia
    I would love to visit Poland my parents homeland.
    Life long be happy and healthy
    We have a lovely place overlooking the lake where we eat.
    On thing about myself not many know is I cared for my elderly dad until he passed away at 103

    Have a lovely weekend

  33. 1. Malaysia
    2. anywhere with the right people
    3. a blessed life for our children
    4. home
    5. am an introvert
    Happy weekend

  34. Italy
    to be happy
    at home
    no hidden facts
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  35. I live in Saint Petersburg, I love traveling to sea.

  36. How fun! One fact about myself not many people know, hmm, most people think I'm an extrovert because I'm all friendly and chatty, but really I'm an introvert - I need time by myself to recharge my batteries - and I never get bored spending time by myself LOL! Tell us something about yourself too! Thanks for your visit to my blog, by the way, I really appreciate it! Loving your poetry! Simple but emotive!

  37. One fact - I stood alongside Paul McCartney in the men's toilet at Buckingham Palace!

  38. One fact - I can smell in 3D stereo. In an elevator I can pinpoint to a person and say, "It was YOU!"

    God bless.

  39. Where do you live? Nebraska

    Favorite place to travel? the prairie

    Lifelong dream? To write and maybe publish a book.

    Favorite place to eat? Schlotsky's (which I can not spell).

  40. Answer: I'm an aspiring writer. I just started my 3rd novel. My dream is success!

  41. 1.Bangalore
    2.Europe own a country home home

  42. Oh I love this. I love traveling to Europe!

  43. NYC
    To grow old with my husband
    Korean BBQ
    I once had to tell a former first lady of France to get off the phone with Trump

  44. I live in Southern California, but I love traveling the Pacific Northwest!

  45. My favorite place to travel? Big Bend National Park. Such a soulful place.

  46. I live in rural Ireland by the ocean. I also lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for a decade. Love to travel to Germany and other EU countries.

  47. My favorite place to travel is the island of Phuket. Unfortunately not available now

  48. Where do you live? Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Favorite place to travel? I like travelling locally.

    Lifelong dream? To do a swimathon.

    Favorite place to eat? Two Asian restaurants in Split city.

    Tell me one fact about yourself not many people know? I'm full of secrets.

  49. I live in New Zealand
    I love travelling in my own nation
    Lifelong dream - to travel to Israel, Scandinavia and Canada.
    Favourite place to eat - my own kitchen
    I can write with both hands
    A fun post Regine
    Stay safe

  50. I live in the mountains in So Cal.
    I love to go to the Cottage to eat their fantastic pizza and wonderful salad with their homemade blue cheese which is the very best in the world as far as I'm concerned but of course I have no idea about that really.
    Travel - I've been to Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, etc..but actually what I love most is the coastlines from So Cal up through Northern California, Oregon, Washington - pacific northwest is so so beautiful. I just as well prefer not to fly much anymore. I'm tall and those seats on the planes that have been designed to give you even less leg room is disgusting really - ... and I can't afford first class. So anywhere I can go in a car..that's good.
    My dream would have been to be a National Geographic Photographer and travel the world (when i was younger). Or an archeologist, lol
    Something nobody really knows ..Everything "talks" to me. I found out you just need to listen... But nobody really knows because nobody i know would be interested to know that.

  51. I live in Lansing, MI and love to travel to England. One lifelong (or almost) dream is to see a stage of the Tour de France in person. My favorite place to eat might be on the cottage porch in the summer after cooking out. Something most people don't know -- I'm ambidextrous, though a little stronger with the left hand than right.

  52. Ooh, I love these!

    Where do you live?
    A: California

    Favorite place to travel?
    A: I'm more of a homebody myself, but I would love to see the British countryside someday!

    Lifelong dream?
    A: To open an animal sanctuary for disabled/senior/unwanted animals.

    Favorite place to eat?
    A: I don't actually like eating out; so I'm just going to say that home is my favorite place to eat.

    Tell me one fact about yourself not many people know?
    A: I can't swim!


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