Friday, July 2, 2021


 Getting out 

The hose

And slip n slide

About to 

Beat the heat

The old fashioned way


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  2. yep the ol slip n slid was great now we have water restrictions and all in summer so glad we have the pool .xx

  3. Van a hacer falta muchas mangueras.

  4. It´s the best way to beat the heat.

  5. Sounds delightful, enjoyed catching up on the last few days!

  6. Celebrate Your Youth - And Excellent Walking Post As Well - Enjoy The Weekend


  7. Those were some fun days! Now you'd have to wear a helmet, safety gear and long pants!

  8. Sounds like just what is needed! Happy Friday!

  9. I used to do that when I was a kid! It's been hot lately!!

  10. Oh so fun, darling!!! I'm in!!!
    Happy 4th to you as well :)


  11. This is so true. Brings back a lot of memories.

  12. Hello!! this is really good, thanks for sharing.


  13. That sounds like loads of fun!

  14. Most times, the old ways are the best. This conjures up fun images in my head!

  15. Those were the days, fun in the sun!

  16. Sounds great. Been very hot here too.

  17. This sounds like such an idyllic summer scene! Gotta find different ways to stay cool!

  18. Sadly in our summers water restrictions mean that cooling option is no longer available.

  19. I could have used a slip and slide the last few days!

  20. I'd probably break my hip on a slip and slide, but give me a lake and a tube and I'm all over it!

  21. Those are fun ways to beat the heat!

  22. there is nothing better than the old fashion way. our childhood was so fun!!

  23. Great way to cool off and fun too. So little said but message conveyed. I have never had a slip and slide, only a water hose and buckets

  24. I had no slip and slide either, just an old fashioned sprinkler we played under anytime my parents watered the lawn (not often enough for us)

  25. Fun words, thanks. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

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  27. Remind me of my childhood in the summers! Slip and slides were so fun.

  28. Each line offers a lovely image, nicely done.

  29. Oh, I remember the slip 'n slide! I was just looking for one today for when the kids come to visit. I'm not sure they sell them any more. When I was young, we got a plastic tarp and ran water through it, and that was our slip 'n slide. Those were the good 'ole days. ; )


  30. Oh yes - my grandchildren still love fun under the hose to cool down on summer days, ass well as in the pool :)
    Stay safe

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