Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gratitude list

For all that ills me today, I need to make a list of all that is good.
A gratitude list, if you will.
1. An able body- it may not bring me records or accolades, but it works well.
2. Friends I can rely on...blogging friends are included.
3. Family who love me even if I wonder sometimes why.
4. A God who loves me
5. Who sent His Son to take my place

Do you have a gratitude list?  What's it look like?
Good evening!


  1. My list is much like yours. I am grateful for daily Salvation and time alone with the Lord. For the blessing's of family and friends and a good husband. My list could go on and on...♥

  2. I need to remember #4 from your gratitude list.