Monday, April 29, 2013

What makes you happy?

This is a conscious choice for me.  Just taking a minute, or day at a time.  Right now writing this post is making me happy.  Jesus is good.  Who knew sharing my feelings with you would make me happy.   My own free therapy session!  Who knew?
P.S.  what is making you happy today?


  1. One of the cute, single groomsmen in my old roommate's wedding this weekend was flirting with me, and I'm still running off the high from that.
    ...and the fact that he seems excited to see me again. :)

    1. aaah!

      It's intoxicating when other humans find us worthy of their fascination! :)

      it's a lovely feeling. Even when you don't find the other person attractive or a good dating candidate ha!

  2. Hmm there are lots of reason why I'm happy all the time, but maybe the "smile" :)

  3. Meeting really interesting people makes me happy!

    I took a job and rejected another that would pay me $21K more a year. I took this job to be next a man that I find very interesting and influential. I am hoping that through him I will meet many interesting people (he just got back from a convention where he met theee guy working on de-extincting the wooly mammoth in UCLA labs eek!!!).

    Probably, hopefully, in July I will meet someone that could be a great business mentor and just all around fun person. Noah Kegan. Dude worked in Facebook and helped put together and all kinds of other fun things that have changed people's lives!

    I am so super happy to have the ability to bring my baby to work if I want. I am happy that my commute is only like 5 minutes (!) and so is my husband's (!!) so we can swing by during lunch to eat homemade food and see our baby.

    My house is always full of people. I thought I'd hate it - I'm an introvert - but no, I love it.

    I am always happy that God shows up everywhere and drops peace and revelation from heaven into our hearts. That's pretty bomb! ;)

    I am happy I found your blog.

  4. Wait!

    One more thing.

    I sent mass text during work today to my friends "who's your celebrity crush? mine is Leonard from Big Bang Theory and John Snow from Game of Thrones."

    The responses are hilarious and insightful.

    Apparently one of my friends and I will be running off with David Boreanaz.

    How lucky is he that he gets the company of us both AT THE SAME TIME!