Sunday, April 7, 2013

Need help!

I have gained weight.  I went shopping yesterday.  The clothes didn't fit right or at all.  Need accountability.  Need some suggestions of food and exercises!  Will you help me?
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the DIFFERENCE!  This I CAN change!


  1. Hi Regine, there's still a lot of time before summer! :)

    For me, it's quite easy to keep my weight with a combination of jogging, some muscle exercises 3 times a week and a healthy but complete diet, with a lot of vegetables, "good" proteins (such as fish, chicken, lentils etc.) and carbos, too. Cut the fats and drink a lot of water! Also little things, like avoiding the elevator, have a strong impact! You'll succeed! :)

  2. Oh my friend, i'm skinny and I need to get more weight.. I'm totally not look like 23 but 13 hehe and that's because my bad habit that I always drink a lot when I eat, and when I sleep when I get little hungry, then I will eat when I wake up. But if you don't feel comfort with this don't try :) well I've been trying to not doing this but it seems so hard for me.

    And also wake up in the early morning and do something like jogging or things that help to make you sweat. And praying that it works ;)

    I'm not sure if you like my suggestion :)


  3. You need to do something important. And that is: change your thinking ( mind) Think before you eat something: I really need this? I have doing this since January and I lose weight very slowly. But I lose. It's better than a diet because I am conscious of what I do. Sometimes very difficult when I'm sad (then I want sweets). I walk every day for fifteen minutes. Is that an idea? I have now lose four kilos without dieting.
    Succes Regina. Delvalina is true: praying its works.

  4. Been there, darling!
    Start doing cardio three to four times a week, and cut your portion size.
    Keep us posted on your progress!


  5. You can also try going to
    I've been doing those exercises and totally happy about it.Adrian is a really good instructor.He even answers all questions.Just check it out.

  6. I gained some weight too and I am not eating sweets, pasta and bread....I think if you just gained a few kilos you will loose it easily if you follow a healthy diet.
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  7. Firstly do not get panic!!
    You can reduce sweets and prefer healthier food! Instead of white bread and pasta, choose rye bread! A very good idea is to walk very much and drink a lot of water and green tea (definately helps, trust me) :)))
    More salads and fruits instead of cakes, chocolate and etc!!

  8. Any suggestions to make water taste better?

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  10. just exercise and eat healthy. thats all i can say. im sure you know what you should do :)

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  11. I try to keep my weight in check by drinking lots of water, sticking to fruits and bread,no heavy carbs like rice, and trying to walk as much as I can as exercise :) hope this helps!

    - Che