Thursday, April 11, 2013

How much to share or not.

I have one question.  How much to share?  I love letting you all getting to know me, I have some posts I like to share, but how much is too much?  Any suggestions?


  1. It's specific to you and how vulnerable you want to become. Every situation is different. Begin where you feel comfortable.

  2. Hmmmm... hard to say, but I think your readers like it when you share :)


  3. I think, too much is when you share much enough that someone (who is unsatisfied with his life) could hurt you using that information. But I think this risk is always there, with a public blog!

  4. I say go with the Golden Rule. Say unto others as you would have said unto you.

  5. Your comfort level. You can always e-mail those you feel closer to.

  6. I don't allow anonymous comments, so that cuts out the people who may want to hurt you with their words (plus anonymous is a chicken). I share quite a bit about my life, but not everything and definitely not too much personal information. I think you have to decide what you want to share. Are you here to inspire? Are you here to tell your story? Why did you start blogging? Asking yourself those questions may help you decide. Blogs are a great way of connecting with people on a more personal level, but you do need to be safe about it. If you have a personal issue that you want to share and are comfortable with it, then do. You never know who you might touch with your story. I hope this helps you!
    Lulu and Daisy

  7. Sometimes difficult/hard. I think you carefully you can show your face( = more of your story). But you don't blog under pseudo like/as me. Be careful!

    I love Lauries comment above! ( and I love you and your blog.

  8. I feel it is what ever you are comfortable with...I do not share anything that would hurt or offend one of my friends or family. I am a pretty transparent person...what you see on my post is who I am.

  9. You can always have another blog that is for invited readers only. I've thought about doing that as there are many things I'd like to share and ask for advice, but I don't want the opinions of people who don't really care or aren't very sensitive.

  10. Hi Regina,

    You've been given a lot of good advice already. What I would like to add, (learned from my own experience) is that it is a good idea to discuss with others within your household what is comfortable for everyone. I used to be very afraid to share my name or picture or anything personal, but have relaxed a bit.
    As a retired law enforcment officer (zoning dept.)...I would love to let people know that they should never post pictures of their license plate on their vehicles, or address numbers on their home in the background! (These are common things people overlook.) You can always go into your picture program on the computer and fade those things out, or crop the picture.
    If you keep your blog public, please think about that stuff, as there are some untrustworthy people in the world looking for opportunity.

    ~God bless, and happy/safe blogging!~ Lisa