Thursday, April 25, 2013

My trip was nice, but it left me with more questions than answers!  God doesn't want me to know everything I guess!  Reading some Psalms this morning and listening to music is soothing my heart.  The things of this earth fade,  but Your Love does not.  They're are seasons where we do not know what to do or feel, so I must just trust and obey as the hymn says.
God Bless!  Please tell me I'm not alone!


  1. You are not alone, darling!
    Beautiful and heartfelt post.


  2. You are not alone, I can so relate. There are things in my life that I just can not understand the reasons why God has allowed them and some of them for quite some time. But I continue to trust that God is in control(have to be reminded of this ever so often though) Hold onto God. Lisa :O)

  3. You may not understand today, but some day it will be revealed to you. But it's good to remember that He has your best interest in mind.

  4. Trust and relying on the Lord will see you through. The Lord gives daily peace. I gave up long ago trying to understand the how's and why's of things. Makes things easier.