Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My thoughts

With God, life is precious.  As I look at my niece and nephews, I see God's Handprint.  My goal for today is to love at Christ loves.  The world we live in is one of despair and hopelessness, but every time I see a child, I see a ray of sunshine.

Every time I walk on the treadmill, I am hopeful that perseverance is in me.  I saw a clip of a man crossing the finish line.  He fell many a time, but he got back up.  Falling is not a bad thing, it's how you get up.

Do we tell people we love that we love them.  The greatest gift we can give or receive is love.

I've often thought have I loved enough, have I ceded my life to the One and Only.  Have others seen Jesus in me.  Has He allowed me make you think.

Have I become like a Sour Patch Kid.  I'm serious.  Has my sour exterior become sweet as time passes.

These are just some of my thoughts.
God Bless,

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  1. I like what you said about seeing a ray of sunshine every time you see a child. : )