Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Let it out

Let it out
The gut punch
The stinging loss
The soul defining
Being better
Than those
Who come
To defile
We cover our eyes
To the affliction
Inflicted upon us
Flee to the cross
Plead to righteous anger
Letting out the scream
Only God hears
Defend your child
In your resurrection
I shine


  1. And..there is a song by Ed Sheeran...
    With the same title...
    Let It Out....
    You give me life
    Like lots of oxygen
    You treat me like
    I was in love again
    And I hold you tight
    Tight enough to know
    That you are mine
    I'd never let you go..
    (there is more)...

  2. Keeping a diary is a great way of 'letting things out'. It'll help one take care of one's daily life.

  3. Ein wirklich wundersch├Âner Text. LG Romy

  4. Letting things out is critical to mental health. You are so fortunate to have a gift for writing as you are able to share your feelings.

  5. "In your resurrection, I shine . . ."

  6. Ein sehr sch├Âner Text!
    Liebe Gr├╝├če,

  7. I think our blogs are a creative way of letting things out, don't you? And we are surrounded with caring, loving, and understanding friends. : )


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