Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Come together
Human race
To come
To grips
With reality


  1. Your words are nice here, Regine. Yes, we all need to come together more and get along. I was watching something on tv, and this guy was saying that sometimes our communication gets lost with one another. And then we get frustrated or mad. We just need to be better at communicating - maybe we could hear what the other is saying.


  2. I wish it were that simple, dear. In the past, I have said I would love to see peace in my lifetime. Now I would just give anything that our country wasn't being pulled apart by divided interests. We DO need unity and your words have great meaning.

  3. How I wish we could. The things which unite us are soooo much stronger than the things which separate us.

  4. Yes, unity is what we need, today, especially.

  5. Wonderful words. Unity is what we need!

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