Thursday, September 12, 2019


What is something you'd wish someone would ask you?
What is something you wish they wouldn't ask?
Guilty pleasure?


  1. 1.What is something you'd wish someone would ask you? Well, its not really a wish but I like when folks trying to decide or having to have weight loss surgery come to me and ask me about it. I posted on my blog and on FB for that reason. I was so OVERWHELMED with what was expected of me and what I needed to do before and after that I missed stuff. I want to help others along the process of that so they maybe they don't get some overwhelmed.
    2.What is something you wish they wouldn't ask? I am an open book, ask and I will tell. Not really anything I can come up with right now.
    Guilty pleasure? oops...there are so many!! Its not sex, or smoking or drinking....even though I went through weight loss surgery I still want SWEETS, and I have NO WILL power so I go for the SUGAR!!

  2. Something I wish people would ask? I wish people would ask about my faith in Jesus

    Something I wish people wouldn't ask? Even though I don't mind sharing I almost wish people at church wouldn't ask why I wear a headcovering. Our church doesn't believe in it and I don't want to cause division.

    Guilty pleasure? Salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels!

  3. No use wishing, unfortunately, prefer to makes things happen with hard work, then prayer 🌹

  4. What is something you'd wish someone would ask you? This I'm not sure. I haven't really thought about.
    What is something you wish they wouldn't ask? I actually prefer people to ask. Clears the air.
    Guilty pleasure? Reality TV haha.

  5. What is something you'd wish someone would ask you? Am I hungry?
    What is something you wish they wouldn't ask? Feel free to ask anything.
    Guilty pleasure? Snacking before bed

  6. Can't think of anything in particular right now, but it seems that people ask the wrong things at the wrong time, and don't ask the right thing at the right time. : )

    But at least you asked, and that's something I appreciate so much. : )


  7. Hmmm, let's see. How is my oldest doing?
    How is retirement. Of course its
    My guilty pleasure is the Housewives of Beverly Hills.

  8. My bf, to marry him :)
    Anyone asking why I don't practice law anymore
    Binge watching Netflix


  9. I don't need anything - there is all in me!


  10. I wish they'd ask "Are you really OK?"
    I wouldn't want them to ask: "What are you going to do with that, anyway?"
    And my guilty pleasure? There are so many I almost don't feel guilty about them anymore!

  11. Oh wow,those ate so difficult gor me to answer! I will have to think about it more☺

  12. What my interests are.
    Don't ask me to change who I am.
    Guilty pleasure...I love cats, hubby doesn't.

  13. I like to be asked for advice
    About whether I'm going to have children
    Korean dramas

  14. How are you? That's something I don't get asked often. Usually people just ask- What do you do? Do you have a job? How much money do you make? I wish they wouldn't asked those kind of questions. It shows they only care about growing connections and aren't capable of genuine friendship. My guilty pressure is .....I think it's my blog. I definitely spend too much time blogging.

  15. These are fun.
    Let's see: "How are you really?" My best bestie asked me that after I'd suffered a significant loss. She initially said "How are you?" I said an automatic "fine", as we do. But her re-ask is something more deeply caring, and I'll never forget it.
    If only people would quit asking me "How tall are you?" (I'm 4'8". You get that info, since you didn't ask.)
    Guilty pleasure - chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate.

  16. These are tough. Let's see, I would like someone to ask me to go way on a trip with them. And please don't ask me to do something else at dinner time. about My guilty pleasure is art supplies or a good book.